“Cristiano Ronaldo Is All About the Camera” – Former WWE World Champion Once Took a Dig at Soccer Icon Christiano Ronaldo for His on Field Antics

Rishabh Singh
|Published 23/11/2022

Football icon Cristiano Ronaldo is globally recognized for his football career. Whether you follow football or not, you would know who CR7 is. The 37-year-old Portuguese football player was the cornerstone of Manchester United for six years. Ronaldo has the most incredible fan following in the world. As of 2022, he is the most-followed influencer on Instagram with a staggering 493 million followers. 

Besides football, Ronaldo is known for his lavish lifestyle and car proclivity. While he has his lovers, a handful of people do not like him. A certain famous wrestling personality finds himself in the latter category. Nonetheless, love him or hate him, nobody can impugn the legendary footballer’s skills on the field.  

Former WWE World Champion expresses his dislike for Cristiano Ronaldo

Speaking with BT Sport in an interview, former WWE World Champion Sheamus took a dig at Cristiano Ronaldo for his antics on the field. Sheamus happens to be a lifelong Liverpool fan which is also the arch-rival of Manchester United. As a loyal Liverpool fan, it makes sense why Sheamus has taken a dislike to the legendary footballer. 

During the interview, Sheamus gave Ronaldo credit for being one of the best players in football, however, when asked if he thought Ronaldo was the greatest player ever, Sheamus thought otherwise. According to him, Ronaldo is more of a show-off and “all about the camera”. 

“Absolutely not, he’s not,” he said. “But he’s definitely a world-class player and one of the best that’s been in the last decade. But even if he scores a penalty, he’s all about the camera mate, you know what I mean? Shirt off, ‘where’s the camera?’ Even if he scores a penalty. I’m not knocking the guy or hating on him, but he knows exactly what he is doing.”

Further in the interview, Sheamus was asked if he thought Ronaldo could wrestle, to which he immediately said, “he wouldn’t last five seconds in the ring”. 

Sheamus reportedly believes that Cristiano Ronaldo is “too soft” for wrestling. Sheamus’s dislike for CR7 may be justified if you look at what Cristiano Ronaldo did on the field during a match between Manchester United and Merseyside Liverpool, Ronaldo was seen losing his cool. 

Why did Cristiano Ronaldo leave Manchester United?

Manchester United revealed on Tuesday that Cristiano Ronaldo will leave immediately by “mutual agreement”.

It is important to note that his departure came after he criticized Manchester United’s management in an interview and accused them of “betraying” him. Following expressing his willingness to leave, the club thanked Ronaldo for his contribution in a statement and wished him well. 

 “The club thanks him for his immense contribution across two spells at Old Trafford, scoring 145 goals in 346 appearances, and wishes him and his family well for the future,” said the management. 

During an interview with Piers Morgan, in the video above, Ronaldo expressed his frustrations about being sabotaged by his manager, Eric Ten Hag, who he believes was intentionally forcing him out of the team. CR7 is set to lead the Portugal team at FIFA 2022 in Qatar. The team is scheduled to go against Ghana at the World Cup on Thursday.

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