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A football fan comes up with the craziest theory about N’Golo Kante being a product of A.I

Archie Blade

A football fan comes up with the craziest theory about N’Golo Kante being a product of A.I

A football fan comes up with the craziest theory about N’Golo Kante being a product of A.I and surprisingly it makes a lot of sense.

Football fans are a crazy lot. They are known to demonize players who cost them an important victory. On the other hand, their adulation for one that provides them with cheers can reach almost idol like levels. Then there is N’Golo Kante who has been likened to an A.I only made for playing football.

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A reddit user by the name of u/LowCake5 has come up with the most hilarious and ridiculous theory of Chelsea’s Kante being a product of Artificial intelligence. In the post, that has since been deleted, he raised suspicions over Kante’s sudden and rapid success that saw him win the Premier League 2 years in a row before lifting the world cup with France.

Not programmed to celebrate

He then backs his claim with the evidence that despite scoring some goals that would delight any striker in the world, against Manchester United, Liverpool and Tottenham, some of Chelsea’s biggest rivals, the Frenchman has remained surprisingly calm. Instead he chooses to run back to his half, lending more credibility to the claim that he is an A.I who hasn’t been programmed to celebrate.

Kante has 15 lungs!

He then dwells on Kante’s fitness. To illustrate his point, he argues that Kante could very well be the fittest player in the world and brings Paul Pogba’s quote about Kante having 15 lungs to prove his point. Speaking of Pogba, unlike the other star French midfielder, Kante is barely seen outside of a match or training.

Where does Kante go?

He writes that Kante has an extremely private life and shuns the limelight unlike other footballers who live for it. You will hardly ever see Kante unless there’s a match or a training. There are the occasional pictures of him visiting a mosque but those are mere fronts to give the illusion that he is a human.

Who created him and why?

If you were wondering who created him and to what end, the answer is obviously Russians. The reddit user claims that this was Roman Abramovich’s idea all along and Kante was always meant to sign for Chelsea. The Russians are good with secrecy after all.

There is only one loophole in this entire theory. If the Russians took the time to create N’Golo Kante, why didn’t they just make him Russian instead of French. Don’t worry, another redditor decided to put his 2 cents in.

As pointed out by OneSmallHuman, doing so would make the entire act very obvious. If the operation is to be maintained in secrecy, it is important that obvious trails aren’t left; Not even by chance.

This N’Golo Kante theory is the most ridiculous yet humorous article we’ve read in a long time. What other crazy football fan theories have you ever heard before?

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