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“You Loser!”: Lando Norris Brutally Roasts Chelsea FC Defender for His ‘Grandma-Like’ Driving Skills

Sabyasachi Biswas

“You Loser!”: Lando Norris Brutally Roasts Chelsea FC Defender for His ‘Grandma-Like’ Driving Skills

Lando Norris recently paired up with Chelsea FC, a Premier League team, for a fascinating battle between two of its players. Robert Sanchez and Levi Colwill from the London-based soccer club went all out against each other under the guidance of Norris, who took charge as a guide and brutally roasted one of them.

In a recent video posted by the Premier League’s official YouTube channel, Sanchez and Colwill run a test lap on the simulator before the race. However, the McLaren driver did not wait until the race to start roasting the Chelsea players over their poor driving skills.

“Okay, Grandma, you don’t hold the steering wheel like that,” said the British driver to Colwill as he tried to control his laughter. Norris then dealt his final blow calling the defender, “Ah, you loser!” after he found out that Colwill could not drive a “manual.

The duo then proceeded to the race, which had a surprising outcome. Sanchez, who was leading most of the race, decided to slow down to let Colwill catch up, and this proved costly. The Chelsea defender came from behind, using the leeway his goalkeeper teammate gave, and eventually went on to win the race!

How Formula 1 is seeing massive interest from the Premier League

Apart from the collaborative video with Chelsea, Formula 1 recently saw interest from another soccer club, which happens to be Chelsea’s rival. Earlier this year, Tottenham Hotspur opened its door for F1’s official karting event.

The new F1 experience, under the Formula 1 Drive initiative in London, is part of over one and a half decades of strategic partnership between Tottenham and Formula 1. It’s located right below Tottenham Hotspur stadium’s iconic South stand.

The initiative features three different tracks for different levels of drivers. For instance, budding drivers can enjoy racing on the ‘Future Stars’ track, racers who are all-rounders can put their skills to the test on the Sprint Track, and finally, the ultimate challengers can go hardcore racing at the Super Circuit.

F1 Drive also features different packages for different racing experiences. It starts at $18.68 for the Sim Session, followed by $24.90 for the Gift Voucher package. Then they have the $43.58 Rookie Racers, and $68.49 Mixed Grid package, followed by $87.16 Sprint Session and $105.84 Elite Session package.

Post Edited By:Samriddhi Jaiswal

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