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Aaron Rodgers Opens Up About the “Med Problem” That Took Over the League Including His Teammates

Anushree Gupta

Aaron Rodgers Opens Up About the “Med Problem” That Took Over the League Including His Teammates

Aaron Rodgers has been in the NFL long enough to witness both the highs and lows of the league. Throughout the veteran quarterback‘s journey, he has been open to varied experiences and experiments to complement his professional and personal growth. However, the quarterback who seems to have seen it all realized that a lot was happening inside his own team that escaped his notice.

In a recent conversation with Tucker Carlson, Rodgers opened up about a drug problem that had affected his teammates. He discussed how many players were taking Percocets, highlighting the widespread issue within the league. Rodgers stated,

“Like there was a med problem in the league for a while. Guys used to get it was easy to get Vicodin, Percocets, that kind of stuff. Then there was an issue at one of the teams and they kind of changed the policy, which is better now.” He further added, “But that was an issue. I think some of the addiction to some of that stuff that some of my teammates had.”

Aaron Rodgers started this conversation by noting a positive shift in the league’s approach to solving this medication issue and bringing the topic of player health to the forefront. He also observed that not many players today face the same issues as before, as there is now a greater awareness and concern for their well-being. However, things were really tricky for some players including one of his own teammates.

Aaron Rodgers Reminisces a Shocking Incident From the Percocets Addiction Saga

Interestingly, according to Aaron Rodgers, the league reevaluated and improved its policies on medication after several critical incidents, one of which affected his own teammate. Today, it is hard to obtain such addictive medication without the proper channels. However, there wasn’t any such supervision in the past, and Rodgers recounted a particularly horrific situation, saying,

 “I remember a teammate of mine who was so addicted to Percocet that he had to be put under anesthesia to have his surgically repaired knee moved. That was wild.”

Rodgers believes such changes have created a healthier environment for current players. However, through his own experiences, the 40-year-old quarterback emphasized how even a small oversight can lead to a widespread issue even amongst players who are expected to take good care of their health in order to survive in the competitive landscape of the NFL.

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