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Does the AEW Debut of Paige Mean She Is Back in the Ring?

Yasser Ayaz
|Fri Sep 23 2022

WWE’s youngest Divas Champion Paige has made her much-awaited return by making her debut in AEW. But, will she finally wrestle?

Saraya-Jade Bevis, a.k.a Paige, shocked the wrestling world when she made her AEW debut on the recent Grand Slam Dynamite episode. The former 2-time WWE Divas Champion received a thunderous reaction from the crowd on her first appearance.

Paige, who now goes by her real-name Saraya, came at the end of the Interim Women’s Title Match to help Toni Storm(C) from the team of Britt Baker and crew. 

But, what is making fans more curious now is whether she is back in the ring or not. Paige has not wrestled a single match ever since she suffered a neck injury five years ago and had to retire.

Paige, her struggles with neck issues, and finally, her release from WWE

The latest edition to the AEW women’s roster was one of the top stars of WWE during the mid-2010s. Paige is WWE’s first NXT women’s champion and also the youngest Divas champion in history. In fact, the 30-year-old ended AJ Lee’s 295-days-long title reign on her main roster debut.

The current AEW star was deemed to have a big career in WWE. But unfortunately, she faced a neck injury during a live event in 2017 and had to retire for in-ring action in 2018.

Despite being retired for in-ring action, Paige stayed with WWE and worked backstage. She also served as the General Manager for SmackDown in 2018 but never wrestled. However, earlier this year on July 7, when her contract with WWE ended, she decided not to renew. Instead, Paige signed with AEW where she finally made her debut.

But, is the former WWE star finally going to wrestle after her AEW debut?

One of the biggest reasons why Paige left WWE was her desire to wrestle again. Considering how strict her former company was when it comes to injuries, she decided to try that in AEW. Though reports are suggesting Triple H was interested to sign her back, that seems to be just a conjecture.

Though, what’s confirmed is that she is now ALL ELITE! and will be working in Tony Khan’s company. So, does that mean she is back in the ring? Well, by the looks of it, it appears fans will see her wrestling again.

First, when Saraya debuted, she was challenging Braker and co. to step in the ring as she was prepared for a fight. Another thing that adds fuel to the fire is that she is included in AEW’s roster among the wrestlers and also has a win-loss card. Not to overlook how the announcers’ team reacted when she was in the ring.

Anyway, as of now, there has been no official clarification of her in-ring return. But, considering how she appeared in AEW, the former WWE Divas Champion might finally be back in action after 5 years.

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