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Among Us Hack Problem: Why you shouldn’t use one!

Arnab Mukherjee

Among Us hack problem

Among Us Hack Problem: It can be enticing to download hacks and cheat your way to a win. But its time to rethink things as an Among Us hacker.

Among us has been dealing with the same problems that just about any big game on the market has to deal with – the case of hacks. Hackers have also released many new versions that tend to mess up the general dynamic of the game. Of course, no company would want to this for their game. Therefore, Innersloth is about to take some strict steps!

Hacking, an end to all good things.

First of all, as to why people might want to hack a video game with no competitive edge is beyond our understanding. Among Us is no League of Legends or CSGO. It’s simply a game where people flock together to yell out suspicion, have a good laugh and some good fun. Even then, for some reason, hackers haven’t left this casual-friendly game alone.

Over the last month, the game’s community on Reddit has been full of complaints about hacks of various kinds. At times there have been more than 3 imposters. At other times, all players have been mysteriously kicked out of a lobby at the very start. Among Us is one of the few good things that we got our hands on this quarantine. And now, even this is at risk as hackers are trying to exploit the community and the game itself.

Innersloth’s solution to the Among Us Hack problem.

About a few days ago, Among Us dev, Forest Willard spoke to Kotaku on the issue. No developer wants to see their successful new game lose players due to an unhealthy atmosphere. So, the case with Forest and co. is no different. However, Innersloth is a small company and given how sudden the game’s rise has been, the popularity had caught them off-guard. Server problems, stability issues and hackers are some of the major problems that have plagued the game. But, from what Forest said, it seems Among Us is geared up for a hack-free future.

As most of you must’ve already noted, server and stability issues have gone down to a large extent recently. Next up, Forest intends to deal with the hacking problem.

The new game plan.

From what Forest said in his interview with Kotaku, they plan to introduce an account system into the game for starters. This will allow them to keep better tabs on players. It will also include systems to report shady tactics. Games like Clash of Clans and League of Legends have already proved that this is a great way to curb hacking.

Apart from this, Forest also stated that they are looking to attack the issue from other sides as well. One of them is from that of the client by investigating client-side hack prevention. The other is by making the servers more robust and hack resistant. So, the future for Among Us holds a hacker free promise.

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