“How to use Among Us Mods without ruining the game”; Lazarbeam shows the way

Arnab Mukherjee
|Published 07/11/2020

Among Us Mods: By following the example of famous Youtuber Lazarbeam, here’s how you can have fun with Among Us Mods without ruining the game for others.

To most of you who’re used to big names on YouTube, Lazarbeam is no secret. He is Australia’s biggest Youtuber with 17 million subs. And his hilarious videos coupled with a typical Aussie accent are the charm of many.

Should Lazarbeam have made that video?

So, when a massive Youtuber like Lazarbeam plays Among Us mods, it is sure to attract eyeballs. Especially given the game’s current state, where it’s struggling to contain hacks and cheats, this doesn’t seem like the best decision on Lazar’s part at first.

The Eris Loris Saga has just been contained and the ripple effects are still being felt. Meanwhile, the usual hackers are still running rampant. On top of that, the game devs are clearly suffering under the intense pressure & scrambling for solutions. So, this sort of video is unnecessary pressure, right?

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Among Us Mods: The Lazarbeam way, the sensible way.

Not exactly. You see, given how exciting the mods are, chances are containing them in totality will always be an issue. And until Innersloth can minimise them enough, we need alternative solutions. And one of them is a compromise.

Lazarbeam put this into words perfectly both at the start and end of his video. He states that you can always use these to have fun with your “friends” but in “private lobbies” only. And this makes a lot of sense. This will not only make the game more fun & free of lobby bans for mod users. But also, it’s going to help keep private lobbies enjoyable too.

Now, we do realise that not everyone has access to private lobbies. In that case, make a few pen pals on social media! What are those sprawling Among Us communities on Reddit, Facebook & Discord for after all?


You can enjoy the full video of Lazarbeam below. In it, he uses a variety of the popular mods available. Walking through walls, Crewmate venting, Extra speed, everything’s there. Just remember that enjoying is not a bad thing as long as it’s not at the cost of somebody else’s suffering.

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