Among Us Hack: Is the Eris Loris Saga at an end? Wave 2 of anti-hack updates to fix chat spam – Innersloth

Arnab Mukherjee
|Published 25/10/2020

The Among Us Hack attack by Eris Loris may finally be coming to a close as devs at Innersloth roll out Wave 2 of anti-hacks to fix chat spam & mass despawn!

We’ve already covered the issue of the entire Eris Loris Hack in detail here as well as the dos and don’ts against it. So, we’ll spare all of that in this article. The hack has already caused widespread rage among the fans and devs at Innersloth have been struggling big time to handle the issue. However‌, after a tweet by Innersloth, it seems the Eris Loris saga may finally be at an end.

Among Us Hack: Wave 2 of anti-hacks to go live!

Today (25th Oct), Forest Willard, chief dev at Innersloth tweeted out a statement. It said that Innersloth were rolling out wave 2 of anti-hacks shortly. The tweet also states why the last emergency fix did not solve the Eris Loris issue. “Wave 1”, said Forest, was rolled out to “fix impersonation”. By that, he’s probably hinting at a new account system in the game. This is likely done to provide everyone with an identifiable unique id and a report feature.

“Wave 2”, said Forest, will deal with “chat spam and mass despawn”. This is huge because those 2 phrases perfectly capture the gist of the Eris Loris hack attack. For those of you who do not know, the hack spreads through “chat spam” and leads in turn to “mass despawn”.

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What to expect post wave 2 of updates: Server issues.

As Innersloth rolls out the second wave of anti-hacks, server issues should probably continue to persist. Forest had already warned us of unstable public lobbies due to this, earlier. So, that should be a temporary issue as well. Therefore, it’d be ideal for fans to stay off the public lobbies for a little while. Once devs update all the servers, things should get back to normal again. By the way, “normal” in 2020 sounds strange, doesn’t it?

Will the anti-hack fix end the Eris Loris problem?

Innersloth sound much more confident about wave 2 than wave 1. And this may have to do with the fact that wave 1, according to Forest, did “fix” some issues. So, the fixes are working it seems.

Some fans are still complaining of despawning issues. They complain of the game now kicking them the moment chat spam occurs. If this is how the hack fixes the issue, it’ll be inefficient but still effective. However, Forest said that this is probably not it and once fixed, the solution will provide something much better.

So, fingers crossed, let’s hope for the best!

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