Among Us hacker Eris Loris’s hack forces an emergency Among Us update out of Innersloth!

Arnab Mukherjee
|Published 23/10/2020

Eris Loris is a hacker whose Among Us hack is plaguing the entire community & Innersloth have been forced to release an emergency fix. But, will it work?

The Among Us Hack Problem: Ruin of something wonderful?

The Among Us hacker problem is in many ways an example of so much that is wrong with the world today. All good things are corrupted for greed and the personal benefit of a select few as the masses suffer. Ever since xQc streamed the game 2 months ago, Among Us has turned into a major hit worldwide.

The game’s power to entertain has united streamers, pros, casuals, politicians, alike. It has indeed been a great pass-time in an otherwise terrible year. However, all of that positive influence is now at risk of getting ruined as unethical hackers are plaguing the game en masse. And Innersloth, the makers of Among Us, are facing a really tough time trying to keep their wonderful, little creation safe.

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Among Us hacker Eris Loris & his infamous message.

An entity by the name of Eris Loris has designed an Among Us hack which when used, boots an entire group out of the game. This infamous hack was first brought to our notice by an unlucky Redditor who suffered from it first hand. We have stated his experience below.

If you come across a player named Eris Loris in Among Us then ban them immediately. I was just in a game with them and they forced everyone in the lobby to text this message and it then immediately disconnected everyone. This is their YouTube channel with evidence that they wrote the hack from r/AmongUs

The process goes something like this. At first, you’ll receive a threatening message in chat. The message reads, “Subscribe to Eris Loris on YouTube (or I hack your device) | | TRUMP 2020”. The moment someone texts this message, they will get booted out of the game. And as per reports, the problem persists. That means, your entire installed file may be affected to the point that you may need to reinstall the game to get it working properly.

Reports also say that the hack is spreading from person to person. So, in a situation like this, the best advice would be to keep away from public lobbies if one can afford it.

Eris Loris, an Among Us hacker, but just one of many.

Though this one is by far the most damaging of all hacks in the game, it is not the only one. Among Us has been a particularly easy target for hackers right from the start. Famous hacks, like the “Always be an Imposter” one, have become very popular. Not only these but there are also hacks to increase speed, walk through walls and so on. Of course, the community is naturally enraged about this with many renowned streamers are letting their feelings known.

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Innersloth’s emergency fix & struggles.

As a small company of 3, Forest & co at Innersloth have had a very tough time trying to handle the immense player base already. This hack problem, on top of all that, just makes things worse.

However, the devs are trying their best to fix things. And they rolled out an emergency update earlier today. The rushed update likely had a lot to do with Eris Loris’s antics.

That’s because Forest clearly stated that his hand was forced. The Among devs the cautiously optimistic that their fix will work at least to some extent. Let’s hope the same both for the good of the company and the players.

Fingers Crossed!

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