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Among Us Reliable Packet 1 Fix: Is something wrong on your end?

Arnab Mukherjee

among us reliable packet 1 fix

The Among Us Reliable Packet 1 Fix may be easier than you think. Here’s some useful info. on the error that seems to have no fix.

Among Us is the hottest new game on the Internet and for good reason too. The co-op murder mystery is a great way to have fun while using your brain! However, too much attention for an Indie game like Among Us can get a little too hard to digest. This brings us to the Reliable Packet 1 issue in the game.

Why does it happen?

First and foremost, don’t panic. When you look up the error code on the Internet, chances are there may be suggestions asking you to check your router or sort out your connection and stuff. While those may be correct for other games, if it’s with Among Us that you’re facing this issue with, then it’s not your fault at all.

You see, given that the game has blown up recently, almost millions are playing it at a time. This puts an unusually high amount of load on the game’s servers. This is where the root of our problem lies.

What does it mean?

As most of you know, all servers have a capacity within which they can perform properly. A company, in case of online gaming servers, estimates this capacity by studying the daily player counts for a game. Now, Among Us wasn’t a very big affair until a month or two ago. So, their server estimates were fairly low. Therefore, when a million or more players suddenly burden a server, it’s likely to crash.

Most of you have probably come across a message like this one – “Disconnected from server. Reliable packet 1 (size = 13) was not ack’d after 7511ms (9 resends)” – right? Well, this simply means that since there was an overload on the server, it failed to address the data packet you sent its way. Hence, the “not acknowledged” message is shown.

Okay, now that you’re aware of the issue, how to make the Among Us Reliable Packet 1 Fix?

The Among Us Reliable Packet 1 Fix: Possible Solutions.

The fix is pretty simple. Just change the server location from your current one to any other. We would suggest you to switch to one with a 12-hour time gap in between. For eg., if you live in America and are trying to play the game at night, chances are the server load will be pretty heavy. That’s because everyone games at night. So, simply switch your location to Asia, where it’s morning at the time, and you’ll be fine.

You could also try using a VPN instead since it serves the same purpose. If the problem still persists, just be a little patient and try playing at a later time, maybe when rush hour is over.

The good news is though that Inner Sloth, owners of Among Us, are aware of the problem. So, they’re working hard to fix the server issue asap.

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