Arsenal Fan TV soared on frustration after Arsenal 2-2 draw against Southampton

Tanish Chachra
|Published 23/11/2019

Arsenal Fan TV soared high on frustration after the Gunners played a draw against 19th placed Southampton in the 13th game-week.

Arsenal is slowly moving away from the desired targets of the season with the underwhelming performances in last few matches. Once again, things did not get better for Unai Emery as they played a draw against Southampton in the 13th game-week of the Premier League.

This fixture was very crucial for the Gunners in the hope of remaining in the top-4 of the league. But Arsenal had a disastrous night at the Emirates and the club luckily managed to avoid a defeat.

By the end of the game, the Saints were leading the scoreboard by 2-1 and a late equalizer by Alexandre Lacazette made Arsenal earn at least a point by the end of the 90 minutes.

Considering the form of Southampton, this game should have been an easy win for the Gunners and a draw against the 19th placed side made fans on Arsenal FAN TV furious, especially on the fact that Arsenal was dominated in the majority number of minutes in the game.

One key quote came from DT who said that he left his son at home for his birthday so Arsenal didn’t ruin it for him. “Do you know what, it’s my son’s 9th birthday today and you know what I’ve done for him? I left him at home so I didn’t ruin his birthday. I knew that if I brought him here, they’d f**k it up.”

Claude made an appearance to lament ‘The Gunners’ performance which now leaves them in seventh and eight points off the top four. He didn’t bust out his infamous ‘IT’S TIME TO GO’.

“I don’t blame him anymore, it’s down to the board now they should have got rid of him in May, they didn’t and now we have to pay the price. I just think that people above him aren’t doing anything about it and they’re just taking the p**s out of us the fan.”

Meanwhile, Emery Out trended on the twitter after the result of the game ended in a draw between both the sides.

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