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Arsenal v/s Liverpool : How Twitter Reacted to the Roller Coaster match

Aniket Kibey



EPL has begun, in some style. After a relatively calm first day on the opening weekend, english premier league exploded on Saturday with Arsenal v/s Liverpool blooming into life with 7 goals in the match.

The match began very passively with both teams playing a very controlled game. Both teams held themselves back. It was evident that both the teams were rusty and it was the first game of the season. Liverpool began very slowly with them not able to do much when they had the ball.

Alberto Moreno, oh boy! what should be done with you. He once again was at fault for the first goal after he gave away the penalty which was saved by Mignolet. Liverpool came back with a brilliant goal at the stroke of the half time with an amazing freekick by Coutinho.

Second half was heavy metal football indeed. 5 goals were scored in 30 mins and Liverpool played some brilliant football. They tore apart Arsenal which was suffering from lack of their first choice defenders.

The match ended 4-3 to Liverpool , and they began their campaign in style. And as expected, twitter exploded after that.

We see how twitter reacted to the amazing match and probably the best of the weekend.

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