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Five reasons why Wrestlemania 33 was the greatest Wrestlemania EVER

Siddharth Nair

Wrestlemania is the climax of the WWE season and hence it always acts like a fitting conclusion to several feuds that have happened in the year beforehand. (Five reasons why Wrestlemania 33 was the greatest Wrestlemania EVER )

While many people were skeptical of this year’s Wrestlemania it is fair to say that the WWE blew this year’s event out of the park !

This event had something to appease everyone from the casual fans to hardcore wrestling fans. It had amazing matches, great moments and even a marriage proposal. The sheer volume of talking points in this event makes it arguably the greatest Wrestlemania of all time.

Here are the five reasons why Wrestlemania 33 was the greatest Wrestlemania of all time !

5) The matches were amazing

Wrestlemania is not a show in which you usually get a ton a great matches and that is simply because the WWE tries to fit in a lot of entertainment elements into their show.

But this year was different as the entire show was filled with great matches.

Austin Aries and Neville, the Womens fatal four way, the ladder match, Owen and Jericho are some of the few matches that were sensational.

Seth Rollins had a great match with Triple H while Shane and AJ battled it out in a highly entertaining opening match as well. (Five reasons why Wrestlemania 33 was the greatest Wrestlemania EVER )

4) Shocking return

The Hardy Boys are back !

Jeff and Matt hardy made their much awaited return to the WWE and the fans can barely contain their excitement.

Matt and Jeff were the hottest free agents in the industry and their return was anticipated sooner rather than later.

Not only did they return but they won the tag team titles after a typically superb performance in the tag team ladder match.

The only question that remains is for how much longer can we expect them to stay with the WWE.

3) New Champions

Wrestlemania 33 was a night for new champions !

Kevin Owens, Naomi, the Hardys, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar all captured the gold as we now have a new set of champions to look forward to.

While there were doubts about Naomi and Orton winning the gold, everyone was quite happy with the other new champions.

(Five reasons why Wrestlemania 33 was the greatest Wrestlemania EVER )

2) Roman Reigns has nuclear heat

Roman Reigns was already quite unpopular heading in Wrestlemania and he has been for sometime now.

And now that he will be forever be known as the man who retired the Undertaker, you can expect hostile receptions for Roman the likes of which we haven’t seen before.

People hated John Cena but the intense dislike with which the WWE Universe greets Reigns is a problem that the WWE will have to handle.

Whether they planned it or not, the WWE now has a monster heel who has nuclear heat behind him and if they play their cards wisely then this could prove to be a master stroke.

1) The end of the Phenom

The legendary career of the Undertaker has finally come to an end.

While we knew that it was coming we could not have anticipated the sheer magnitude of the moment. (Five reasons why Wrestlemania 33 was the greatest Wrestlemania EVER )

In what will go down as one of the most emotional moments in wrestling history, the Undertaker laid his gear in the ring and exited the stage for what seems to be the final time.

The commentary team were shell shocked and many of them were actually fighting to hold back their tears as everyone in the arena knew what a huge moment this was for the Undertaker.

Maybe the greatest Wrestlemania moment of all time !

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