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“Can’t Believe You Supported the Oilers!”: As Edmonton Oilers Qualify for NHL Playoffs, Phil Heath Sends Out Gratitude Leaving Fans Shell-Shocked

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Can’t Believe You Supported the Oilers!”: As Edmonton Oilers Qualify for NHL Playoffs, Phil Heath Sends Out Gratitude Leaving Fans Shell-Shocked

As soon as Phil Heath shared the surprising collaboration between the Edmonton Oilers and him, the internet went into overdrive. Now, he’s done it again, and he’s enjoyed many more memories with the Oilers. As the team made it to the NHL playoffs, Heath has also left a supportive note on his recent Instagram post.

The IG post, just like every other post of the iconic bodybuilder has gone viral, and it contains several photographs. His biceps are on display in the first shot. Heath looks great in his Oilers jersey as he compares the Sportsnet commentator’s bicep size to his own. Seeing Heath’s massive bicep size also shocks the commentator.

A second, more conventional photograph of an exceptional individual made its way into the viral IG post. Darnell Nurse, the Oilers’ alternate captain and defenseman, was seen in the photo with Heath, who was wearing his signature number 22 jersey. In the background of the photo, there was a large Oilers logo.

In the third IG photo, Heath was seen visiting the Oilers’ practice facility. The gym also featured a famous quote from legend John Wooden. In the fourth and fifth pictures of the IG post, Heath entered the Oilers’ locker room. In front of the Oilers’ captain, Connor McDavid’s bench, he also struck a single-bicep pose.

There was an enthralling photo on the final slide of pictures. Heath and his partner, Shurie Cremona, were in the picture wearing Oilers’ jersey numbers 22 and 7. On the other hand, they also took the shot in front of the Stanley Cup that the Oilers had previously won. As the Oilers have made it to the Stanley Cup playoffs this season, Heath attached a positive message in his post, saying:

“CONGRATULATIONS @edmontonoilers !!!!!! Thank you for the incredible evening! To all my amazing fans… LOVE Y’ALL!!!!”


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A post shared by Phil Heath (@philheath)

Many fans of the bodybuilder came across the post. To one fan, Heath’s support for the Oilers was a revelation; as they say:

“Man I can’t believe you supported the oilers!”

One fan appreciated the orange jersey that Heath wore including the quote from the gym room, saying:

“This is awesome! Those jerseys are & the Wooden quote.”

It looks like this fan checked out the TV coverage; as they say:

“Loved seeing you on TV. Great interview!”

This fan believes that Heath brought good luck to the Oilers, saying:

“Oilers now blessed with greatness. Stanley Cups 6 and 7 coming up in the next two years. Thanks Phil.”

This fan also wrote:

“This is incredible! My favourite hockey team and favourite bodybuilder together!!??? Mind blown! welcome to the Oilers Bandwagon!! #letsgooilers”

The Edmonton Oilers were also the subject of Heath’s last IG post before this one. His time at Edmonton’s Studio 99 sports bar was unlike anything he had ever experienced before.

Phil Heath enjoying his time at Studio 99

Every Oilers fan has a soft spot for Studio 99. Wayne Gretzky, the greatest goal scorer in NHL history, is largely loved by the Oilers’ fan base. This sports bar is centered on Gretzky’s jersey number 99, which is part of an unmatched collection of his memorabilia.

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A post shared by Phil Heath (@philheath)

The bodybuilder seemed to be having a good time at the sports bar in the photos he uploaded on his Instagram. But the final shot was amazing since he captured it in the ‘Hockey Hall of Fame’ chamber, with his partner. The wall was a special one too, as there were pictures of hockey legends on it. It also featured an inscription that detailed their impact on the Oilers.

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