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Chris Bumstead Comes Clean on ‘Lifestyle’ Leaving Bodybuilding World Amused

Radha Iyer

“If I Don’t Get 9 Hours of Sleep…”: New Dad Chris Bumstead Shares an Eye-Opening Revelation About Physique Growth

Chris Bumstead has kept himself busy with training and prep for this year’s Mr. Olympia, even if he’s in the off-season. However, that doesn’t stop him from indulging in some fun foods here and there. He recently uploaded a mockery video of his ‘lifestyle’ as a bodybuilding athlete, hinting at his guilty pleasures during training.

The video featured a clip from his competition backstage, where his team captured him flexing while getting a spray tan for the championship. The shot was quickly followed by a candid capture from his home, where he was splayed across the couch eating a jar of peanut M&Ms.

The theme of the post was the duality of a bodybuilder’s lifestyle, where they went through arduous routines to show off their best on stage, but came back to eating copious amounts of food during their off-season bulk. The extremes were hilarious to witness, and Bumstead wanted to share some laughs with fans. He mockingly wrote:

“It ain’t easy, but somebody’s gotta do it…”


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This sent fans rolling away with laughter as they continued to mock the bodybuilder’s Olympia appearance.

“You look pretty big, have you considered bodybuilding?”

Many related to Bumstead lazing on the couch, eating candy out of a jar.

“I do the exact same. (The part laying on the couch with m & m’s)”

Entertaining the thought of a bodybuilder’s extreme lifestyle, a fan remarked:

“Duality of a lifter”

One even mockingly theorized that since peanut M&Ms could contain a lot of protein, it was Bumstead’s secret to his physique.

“M&Ms are the secret to getting big”

Lastly, just like any situation needs equilibrium, some joked:

“Gotta have balance…”

Overall, fans were happy to see their idol have a fun time relaxing while he prepared to fight the biggest bodybuilding battle at the Mr. Olympia 2024. This year, apart from Bumstead’s usual rivals like Ramon Dino and Urs Kalecinski, he has another contender to face.

Wesley Vissers’ off-season update might be a threat for Chris Bumstead

Bumstead’s winning streak could be in danger after the uprising of recent Arnold Classic champion Wesley Vissers. The Dutch Oak snagged both the Arnold Classic US and UK golds and is all set to make his Olympia presence known amongst fans.

In a recent off-season physique update, the icon showed off his gains with different poses and promised to bring a new “level” to the Olympia stage. Fans have been feeling divided between the undisputed champion Bumstead and the underdog Vissers, but will surely experience the battle of a lifetime with the two beasts going head-to-head.

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