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Emotional Chris Bumstead Confesses Healing His Inner Child Right Before Battling for the Olympia

Radha Iyer

“A Lot Can Happen in a Week”: Chris Bumstead Strings Together Memories Since the Birth of His Daughter With an Impactful Message

Apart from being a fitness idol for millions, Chris Bumstead has also proved to be a class apart by being vocal about his mental health struggles. The 29-year-old Canadian has often spoken about the darker side of winning five Mr. Olympia titles in a row. However, he recently opened up about a wholesome backstage moment at Lewis Howes’ podcast.

Sharing a clip on his Instagram story, Bumstead admitted that the 2023 Mr. Olympia was significant for him. His mindset at the time was not limited to winning the event, which gave him power and made him emotional.

In the video, he confessed how his role as a public figure was something his younger self could not have imagined becoming. Yet, he often used to find himself in a negative mind space by being harsh upon himself. Last year, he decided to switch things up after his therapist advised him to do so.

Instead of worrying about consequences, Bumstead took out a picture of his younger self and spent time feeling proud of his achievements. This was an emotional moment for him. And while the champion bodybuilder was up on stage, he felt like some weight had been taken off his chest.

“I might even cry right now thinking about this, but I remember looking at it backstage, like before getting on, and looking at it and just looking at that picture and get starting to cry a little bit.”

Bumstead confessed that since he now had more than he could ever imagine, he wanted his inner child to feel secure. He was now smart enough to understand his needs and could ease his younger self by fulfilling his mental requirements.

“I wouldn’t want him to have any pressure or expectation, to feel like he has to win or he needs anything to enjoy it. I would just want him to go out there…to have fun with it, to relax, just to make the best of it, and to not be too hard on himself.”

2023 was Bumstead’s peak year in more ways than one. While his fifth title held a lot of significance, he also witnessed a boom in business and some personal milestones. He traveled the world and got the opportunity to play the role he had always wanted – that of a father. And between balancing his training, brand, and nesting for baby, life has been buzzing for the Classic Physique champion.

Chris Bumstead admits struggling to stop and smell the roses

Although he’s basking in all the glory after winning the Mr. Olympia and sharing the news of his fatherhood, Bumstead knows he has to pay the price. He has always been transparent about his journey and life with fans. He even admitted how, despite trying hard, he’s been finding it difficult to slow down.

Managing a booming business and collaborating with several bodybuilders within a span of a few months has Bumstead craving for short spurts of breaks. He confessed in an Instagram post how that was the time he would gladly spend with his family. And most importantly while he prepares to be the best dad out there.

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