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495 Lbs Bench Press Champ Ronnie Coleman Stunned at Big Boy Bake’s World Record

Radha Iyer

495 Lbs Bench Press Champ Ronnie Coleman Stunned at Big Boy Bake’s World Record

Ronnie Coleman has lived a prolific career filled with jaw-dropping feats across various domains. His journey through bodybuilding may have begun on an unexpected note. But, he soon grew to become one of the strongest athletes, benching about 500 lbs with no sweat. And now, he returned to his YouTube channel to react to powerlifters like him performing strength stunts to impress.

He recently watched a compilation of powerlifter Joshua Baker, popularly called Big Boy Bake, handling extremely heavy weights to make world records. Coleman was quite hyped throughout the video while he watched him perform the stunts.

One stunt in particular blew Coleman’s mind, which was Baker’s one-arm press. The powerlifter had recorded a collaboration with fitness icon Larry Wheels and had bench-pressed a bunch of weights single-handedly.

The first weight that the eight-time Mr. Olympia was shocked at witnessing was 225 lbs single-arm press. He later switched to 275 lbs and 300 lbs before returning to his first weight and performing ten reps with a single arm.

“Damn Big Boy! You’re making that s**t look light as f**k! This is probably one of the most impressive things I’ve seen.”

Baker then did some impressive tricks by benching over 300 lbs and clapping between the reps, which stunned Coleman. The legend was quite hyped up watching him establish PRs by doing twenty reps on an incline with four plates. Cheering along out loud, Coleman was truly impressed by Baker and his shenanigans.

“Now that was one of the most impressive videos I’ve seen. How the f**k did he do that with one arm!?”

Ending his reaction video on a happy note, Coleman signed off by inviting Big Boy Bake to his gym so he could see his amazing feats in person. Coleman has always been quite encouraging towards the younger generation, especially when he sees potential.

Since he has been visiting many gym openings and attending meet-ups, fans can’t help but adore watching their legend interact with young fitness enthusiasts.

Ronnie Coleman was once surprised by young bodybuilders

A few months back, Coleman was invited to the inauguration of the Iron Forge Gym in Texas. He then decided to organize a short meet and greet with fans. What he did not expect, however, was the massive turnout, mostly composed of young bodybuilders wanting to see their hero.

Overwhelmed by the numbers and the love from fans, Coleman later penned a heartfelt note on Instagram. He thanked everyone who attended the event. He admitted that had he known about the turnout, he’d have stayed at the gym all night, interacting with his fans.

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