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Larry Wheels Stuns Bodybuilding World With a Throwback Video From Childhood

Radha Iyer

Larry Wheels Stuns Bodybuilding World With a Throwback Video From Childhood

Bodybuilders grow up training hard, sometimes beginning at a young age to get in shape quicker. Amidst all this, genetics play a crucial role in determining the physique structure and other nuances that might give them an edge over others. In the case of fitness icon Larry Wheels, the latter seems to have favored him well.

He recently took to social media to share a rare video footage recorded about a decade ago, when he was fourteen. The clip featured a young Wheels posing for the camera, flexing his surprisingly well-defined muscles.

Although he had previously shared several pictures of his growth during his fitness journey, this was the first time he put up a video showing off an unseen side of him. Wistfully recalling his good old days as a teenager, he admitted:

“14 years old my very first posing video! Can’t wait to pose in my new gym @onegengym @teampersonalrecord”



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Needless to say, fans were in awe of how well-built Wheels was even during his childhood, with his silhouette visible during the posing. As he boasted of sharp-cut abs even at that age, some marveled at the sight of it.

“8 pack at 14 is crazy”

Wheels began as a powerlifter before transitioning to bodybuilding for his full-time career. Therefore, many watched the video, speculating and joking that he must have already grown strong by then.

“bro could bench my deadlift by that age”

Many sent in positive and encouraging messages, watching his transformation in awe.

“You posing younger, I called manifesting and having the vision … looks at you today! Well done!”

The video featured what seemed like his mother’s voice in the background, guiding him and encouraging him to pose. A fan pointed that out happily.

“With all that positive reinforcement from your mom, it makes sense you kept going…”

Lastly, since Wheels was excited about his gym’s inauguration, a fellow fitness enthusiast chimed in on the thrill.

“Definitely pullin up to the grand opening brotha…”

Wheels grew popular for his jaw-dropping strength and power as he began performing reps with incredibly heavy weights. While he has yet to make it big in the professional bodybuilding world, he has already grown into an icon worldwide.

Larry Wheels Intimidated Russian fitness Model Vladislava Galagan

Speaking of making an impact on the fitness world, Wheels had the pleasure of training with model and fellow fitness icon Vladislava Galagan. They met at the Binous Gym in Dubai, where she wished to get some insights into how he trained to get stronger.

Almost immediately, she expressed her shock at how well he handled heavy weights despite having some physical limitations. As he walked her through his entire routine, Galagan confessed that she felt a bit overwhelmed by how intense his routine could get. The duo took part in arm presses and wrapped up with some shoulder routine staples.

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