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“Longevity Does Exist”: Fitness World in Frenzy as Jay Cutler Meets His Idol Ahead of Receiving the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’

Rahul Goutam Hoom

“Never Cared How Much I Bench Press”: Jay Cutler Comes Clean on His Simple Formula for Building an Olympia-Worthy Body

There is a cluster of accomplishments that Jay Cutler has had throughout his impressive career. But he’s still got it in him to win awards at age 50. The four-time Mr. Olympia had a unique appearance at the 2024 Arnold Sports Festival. The Lifetime Achievement Award, which is reserved for long-time bodybuilders, was one of the most prestigious accolades bestowed upon him. Nonetheless, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cutler’s idol, was the one who presented him with the award.

Jay Cutler felt a tremendous sense of pride on this occasion. This prestigious award has been bestowed upon several bodybuilding legends, including Ronnie Coleman, Flex Wheeler, Lee Haney, and plenty more. But as he appeared in a picture with Arnold Schwarzenegger, his achievement at the much-anticipated event became even more apparent.

A photo of Jay Cutler with his idol was uploaded to his X profile. The four-time Mr. Olympia accompanied the beautiful photograph with a heartwarming message. As the Austrian Oak will be presenting him the award later, Cutler expressed his gratitude for Schwarzenegger’s support for him and the whole bodybuilding community.

As the fitness world saw two world-class bodybuilders side by side, the X post undoubtedly went viral. No bodybuilding fan could ignore the photograph, as it combined had eleven Mr. Olympias, to be accurate. Because so many people admire Cutler’s determination to stay in shape even at such an old age, many of his supporters were quick to congratulate him on his latest award.

One fan even came up with a large appreciation message for the four-time Mr. Olympia.

A person at 50 years of age might seem old; however, as per this fan, Cutler still has what it takes to compete in major bodybuilding events.

Both of the bodybuilders are on another level, and many fans acknowledge it.

Jay Cutler reshares a memory with his rival

During his prime, Jay Cutler, like every other athlete, had a rival. Ronnie Coleman, the eight-time Mr. Olympia, was Cutler’s rival for a long time until Coleman’s retirement. Beyond their fierce competition in bodybuilding, the two fitness icons have always held each other in the highest regard.

A few weeks ago, the two old-school rivals reminisced about each other. The Instagram post included a resurfaced picture of the two bodybuilders striking a pose for the camera. As Coleman acknowledged their rivalry, Cutler also recalled how one of his idols in the regime became his rival in his journey.

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