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“Looking HUGE”: Ronnie Coleman Admires Arnold Schwarzenegger in an Old-School Bodybuilding Video, Joining Other Fitness Enthusiasts

Radha Iyer

“Looking HUGE”: Ronnie Coleman Admires Arnold Schwarzenegger in an Old-School Bodybuilding Video, Joining Other Fitness Enthusiasts

Bodybuilding legends, across the decades, have been so iconic that they’ve inspired each other, setting the bar sky high. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who won the Mr. Olympia title seven times, grew to be an iconic fitness star of his time. A few years later, Ronnie Coleman did the same with his gigantic form and impeccable conditioning.

Over the years, fans have often spotted the duo sharing warm moments, bonding over fitness and workouts at gyms or events. And once, Coleman even voiced his admiration for the Hollywood star after watching an old-school workout video of his.

In a recent Instagram post, the eight-time Mr. Olympia shared a clip from his reaction video where he admired Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding workout. And fitness enthusiasts joined him in admiring the 76-year-old’s determination and champion mindset.


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A post shared by Ronnie Coleman (@ronniecoleman8)

“My boy @schwarzenegger was looking HUGE in this old school video.”

Schwarzenegger immediately responded to the reaction video with love and warmth.

“My man…”

Many were excited to see both the GOATs in the same frame.

“Two goats in one frame…”

Known for his Expendables franchise, Schwarzenegger has often had several stars onboard for the movie. This time, a fan wanted Coleman to also be a part of it.

“Need @ronniecoleman8 in one of the expendable films”

One enthusiast admitted how crucial Coleman and Schwarzenegger were for his fitness journey.

“You and Arnold are the only reasons i started the gym… Long live legends…”

Finally, many wanted to see a collab between the two.

“Legends with legends you two should really do a collab!”

Interestingly, not only did Coleman and Schwarzenegger get together on multiple occasions previously, but they also filmed together in one instance. Performing intense exercises, and being well in their senior years, they’ve managed to inspire many.

Ronnie Coleman and Arnold Schwarzenegger came together for an epic workout

Later last year, both the GOATs met at the popular Gold’s Gym, which is now Schwarzenegger’s usual place to hang out and get his pump. He invited Coleman to film a workout session together, leading to some epic moments shared between them.

Fans deemed it the ‘Collab of the Century’, as an almost 60-year-old Coleman and an almost 76-year-old Schwarzenegger pumped up hard. They took turns at the machines, encouraging and helping each other with the exercises. The session ended with some heartwarming moments, giving the fans inspiration for staying fit and healthy.

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