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Hyping Wrestlemania 40 Weekend, Arnold Schwarzenegger Stuns the Internet With Resurfaced WWE Appearances

Radha Iyer

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Being a man of many talents, Arnold Schwarzenegger has delved into many sports before and after his bodybuilding journey. His history with powerlifting gave him strength, and multiple Mr. Olympia titles gave him the aesthetics. Yet, if there’s one more sport he shone brightly in, it was wrestling. While he never professionally pursued it, the WWE federation has always been in close association, even inviting him once in 1999 at their SmackDown event.

The event hosted the Terminator and called him up in the arena to interact with the athletes since his association with the sport went a long way back. Recently, the official Arnold Sports Festival page posted resurfaced footage from those moments. Since WrestleMania 40 has taken the internet by storm, it was only fitting for the page to reminisce about his appearance and shenanigans in the ring.

In 1999, Schwarzenegger appeared on an episode of RAW. It was in that episode that he met up with star wrestlers like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and many more. In the end, he even got into an altercation with Triple H, beating him up with repeated punches. All of these moments went down as some of the iconic moments of WWE history.

In the post, Arnold’s Sports Festival highlighted his three best moments from SmackDown. His meeting with ‘The Rock’, his fight with Triple H, and the moment the federation inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame, all made it to the list.

“In honor of the biggest weekend in wrestling, we’re celebrating some of Arnold’s epic moments at the WWE!”

Fans expressed their joy on seeing their favorite star’s throwback to the momentous occasion. Many cheered for Schwarzenegger and demanded a similar comeback on the WWE stage, hopefully adding some punches to the mix.

“Happy Wrestlemania weekend!”

WrestleMania has been one of the most looked-forward-to events in the combat sports world. Icon Cody Rhodes beat Roman Reigns. He was crowned the winner of the WWE Universal title at the recent WrestleMania 40. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger’s bond with the sport didn’t end in 1999.

Arnold Schwarzenegger entered the ring again in 2014, joined by Hulk Hogan

The former Mr. Olympia has been friends and worked with several wrestlers over the years. In 2014, he attended the Monday Night RAW alongside Hulk Hogan and Joe Manganiello. In the end, this turned into an exciting show for onlookers.

While they had their banter in the ring, the trio was even interrupted by Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin during their segment. They teamed up to take him down, and Schwarzenegger even landed a punch on his jaw to drive him out.

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