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Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s “Raw Un-Cut” Leg Day Workout Draws Praises From Bodybuilding GOAT Ronnie Coleman and WWE Fans

Radha Iyer

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s “Raw Un-Cut” Leg Day Workout Draws Praises From Bodybuilding GOAT Ronnie Coleman and WWE Fans

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has donned many hats, being a wrestler, an actor, an entertainer, and more. At 51, his physique is still impeccable, and he ensures it remains so with dedicated workout sessions and his infamous odd gym visitation hours. His recent leg day full of raw strength drew many WWE fans’ attention, including bodybuilding GOAT Ronnie Coleman.

Johnson had uploaded the video to multiple platforms and put up an unedited and uncut version on YouTube. With a real-time look into his exclusive fitness routine for WrestleMania 40, fans grew more appreciative of his strength to get through intense exercises. He stole the show later with his epic performance under the moniker ‘The Final Boss’.

In total, the former wrestler performed six exercises, each with a rep range between ten to twenty. He performs “giant sets”, which means there is no resting between exercises except for the time taken to move from one machine to the other.

“I try to be super disciplined with my rest time. If it’s two minutes, then it’s f****ng two minutes.”

He began with 20 reps of the Iso-lateral leg press followed by 12 reps of the vertical leg press. Since nothing marks an intense leg day at the gym more than squats, ‘The Rock’ added two variants of those – 10 reps of reverse hack squats and belt squats each.

Finally, he gave his quads a good burn with 20 reps of walking lunges before jumping into his bonus exercise, three sets of Dumbbell RDLs. All in all, it seemed to take him about thirty minutes to complete an entire circuit. He later confessed on Instagram:

“My 12 week training camp for #WrestleMania has been intense and unlike anything I’ve ever done. Pushing myself physically, mentally and psychologically to places I’ve never gone.”

Johnson’s intense training proved fruitful when he crushed his comeback at the recent WrestleMania 40. Many cheered for him as he entered the ring, and he even revealed how the ratings for WWE shot up due to his stint. Fans later flooded the comments section with appreciation, including a shout-out from a special Texas native.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson leaves Ronnie Coleman and WWE fans in awe

Ronnie Coleman was mighty impressed by the entire routine. Praising his colleague under the YouTube video, he exclaimed:

“Yeah Buddy Dj, You making that look like Light Weight Baby!!!”

Many voiced their desire to see more workout videos from Johnson.

“Always wanted to see some of your workouts in full. More of this please champ”

One of them was pumped up to see the star return to the ring.

“Bud got to show them wrestlemaniacs what he’s made of”

Johnson’s technique to push through fatigue hit the nail for many gym enthusiasts who felt inspired.

“Thanks for showing us how to push through the fatigue and obtain success on the other side of an intense workout.

Finally, many found their motivation to hit their gym watching ‘The Rock’ sweating it out.

“Now I wanna go to the gym. Mans a beast.”

Post Edited By:Brandon Gabriel Isaacs

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