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“Classic”: Nate Diaz Leaves the Jorge Masvidal Presser Within Minutes After Hurling Abuses, Fans React

Allan Binoy

“Classic”: Nate Diaz Leaves the Jorge Masvidal Presser Within Minutes After Hurling Abuses, Fans React

Nate Diaz is well known for his unhinged and unapologetic behavior, which we saw a glimpse of during a recent press conference for his fight against Jorge Masvidal. While the retired MMA fighters will take on each other on June 1 in Los Angeles, it seems like the Stockton native is already tired of press conferences and just wants to fight.

Diaz’s exasperation with pressers showed clearly when he grabbed the mic after the very first question and claimed he never wanted to do any of ‘the talking s*it.’ Then, without wasting any time, the 39-year-old walked out of the room.

Naturally, fans soon took to social media to react to this incident and it was surprising to see many side with Diaz.

One user agreed with Diaz as well as his reaction, saying,

“I get it tbh Got to be annoying after a while if you just want to fight”

Another chimed in, claiming press conferences were unnecessary,

“These Pressers are not going to sell anymore ppvs. The die hard falls are already going to buy it and that’s about it.”

A third fan praised Nate Diaz for speaking the truth:

“@NateDiaz209 just saying it how it is.”

While a different commenter called it a classic Diaz thing to do:


Nate Diaz has had enough of all the talking, and could not wait to finish the final press conference on their tour. He already has other fights on his mind, and recently expressed a desire to fight Conor McGregor again.

Nate Diaz guarantees that he will fight Conor McGregor again

Nate Diaz has still not forgotten his rivalry with Conor McGregor. The pair have fought twice inside the octagon, and believe a third bout is needed to settle all scores.

In a recent interview with Fight Hub TV during the Miami press conference, Nate Diaz guaranteed a fight against McGregor, alongside other popular fighters, saying,

“I can guarantee I’m gonna fight Conor McGregor again and I have a 100% guarantee I’m gonna fight Jake Paul again, and Leon Edwards again.”

Nate Diaz stated that ideally, he wants to fight Conor McGregor at The Sphere on Mexican Independence Day. However, Dana White has already turned that idea down.

On top of it, since Diaz is no longer a part of the UFC, it will be difficult to set up a fight against the likes of McGregor who is still signed with the organization.

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