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Devin Haney Stands Up for ‘Muslims Around the World’ Amidst Claims of Ryan Garcia’s Offensive Islamic Remarks

Kevin Binoy

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Ryan Garica and Devin Haney are set to face each other later this year. However, the buildup to the fight so far has been nothing but entertaining. It took the two men the better part of two months to agree on a fight. Now that the tough part is out of the way, it appears as though the fight has taken on a whole different meaning for Devin Haney. Recent comments made by ‘King’ have made his fight a must-win for ‘The Dream’.

Devin Haney recently sat down for an interview with Ariel Helwani on ‘The MMA Hour’. During the interview, Helwani asked Haney if the fight had suddenly become personal for him. ‘The Dream’ said,

“Nah, it is personal because Ryan said some things that like just rubbed me the wrong way that there is no coming back from… he said some stuff about my religion that he can not come back from. He knows what he said, he knows what he said, he knows who he said it to. He didn’t say it to me, he said it to somebody, and it got back to me. Now I gotta make an example out of him. This is bigger than me. This is for Allah. This is for all the Muslims around the world.”

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In the clip, Haney further went on to add that he would make an example out of Garcia for the rest of the world to see. While he did not disclose any details, it is safe to say that the comments made by ‘King’ were extremely offensive for Haney to be ticked off to such a degree.

Ryan Garcia defends comments made to Devin Haney

Following Haney’s interview, Ryan Garcia also showed up in person for a sit-down interview with Ariel Helwani. During the interview, Helwani asked Garcia if he would be willing to clarify the comments he had allegedly made.

‘King’ went on to state that he wished Devin Haney ‘Merry Christmas’, which is what Haney is referring to as disrespect towards his religion. Garcia went on to defend himself vehemently and stated that it was never his intention to disrespect the Muslim religion. He further added that Haney misunderstood him completely, and that he is now just using this as a way to sell more tickets.

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