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“God Telling You Not to Fight Tyson”: Jake Paul’s Thunderous Flight Post Presser Leaves Fans Anxious

Kishore R

“God Telling You Not to Fight Tyson”: Jake Paul’s Thunderous Flight Post Presser Leaves Fans Anxious

On his way back after hyping up his upcoming fight Mike Tyson, YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul came across an unexpecting enemy, one that he couldn’t avoid or talk trash to! Paul posted a clip of his crew and him praying to god, holding on to dear life after their flight ran into a thunderstorm, leaving fans anxious.

Paul and his crew were seen visibly shaken after they got into an encounter with thunderbolts shooting down from the angry skies.

Although on most days, people would just make fun of Paul’s videos, this time they were genuinely concerned for the boxer’s life.

One fan warned Paul that this was God’s way of telling him not to take the Tyson fight.

                      “It’s God telling you not to fight Tyson

Paul’s fans were a nervous wreck to see their beloved star holding on to dear life as the private jet zipped past the lightning bolts.

“Getting anxiety from this and im not even in the air.” 

On the other hand, another fan breaking sweat keyed in with a comment, asking Paul why he’d fly in such a rough weather.

“Why are you flying through a thunderstorm?”

Nonetheless, another fan got real saying that if he were left in a situation like that, he’d “pass out” regardless of the company.

“Oh hell naw id pass out.” 

Despite the hostile conditions, Paul made it through with god’s grace and will take on the boxing Hall of Famer, Tyson in Texas on July 20.

Meanwhile, Paul’s recent theatrics got a hilarious response from ‘Iron’ Mike that also got the community laughing their behinds off.

Mike Tyson’s hilarious response to Jake Paul steals the fandom’s heart

The world of combat sports is really headed for a wild one as YouTuber turned boxer Jake Paul takes on Mike Tyson in a professional bout. The two in fact sized each other up on two different occasions. Talking about the same, their last media interaction had the young buck, Paul pull out some numbers to spice things up.

When Tyson was turned around after their face-off, Paul gestured to shoot the legend, mimicking a handgun with his hand. While the youngster is clearly the cocky one, brandishing his brashness, Tyson resorted to humor and returned fire, posting a hilarious IG post.

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A post shared by Mike Tyson (@miketyson)

The veteran’s cheeky move seems to have won the fans as the post reached more than 800,000 likes and thousands of comments hours after posting it.

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