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True Geordie’s Viral Reaction to Tyson Fury’s Loss to Oleksandr Usyk Has Fans Labeling Him a ‘Hater’

Kishore R

True Geordie's Viral Reaction to Tyson Fury's Loss to Oleksandr Usyk Has Fans Labeling Him a ‘Hater’

Oleksandr Usyk defeated Tyson Fury to unify all four belts to stand tall as one true undisputed king of Heavyweight boxing. While boxing experts foresaw this, anticipating a massive upset from the southpaw, the fans couldn’t just digest the hate against ‘The Gypsy King!’ Reacting to Popular YouTuber True Geordie’s live reaction to Fury vs Usyk, netizens quite literally called the Brit a “hater.”

Now, for the unversed, Fury and True Geordie aka Brian Davis have a history of animosity. The Brit was seen exuberant, screaming his lungs out when Usyk rocked Fury in R9, prompting fans to call him out.

Reflecting on the same one, a fan commented on the post by Happy Punch,

“This is hatred on a whole different level lol.”

With him going absolutely bonkers to see his countryman getting decked and on the verge of losing the bout, online fans couldn’t help but help laugh, saying

“Impressive level of hate wtf.” 

Ardent fans wasted no time referring to Geordie as a proper hater.

“This is what being a hater is.”

The rest of the comments just mentioned the same as Davis went berserk to see the ex-champ wobble.

“True Geordie hates the fury’s so much.” 

Whereas another fan stated that it was actually depressing to see a Brit hating on his fellow countryman.

“Sad actually going against your own country men like that.”

But why the hate? It was a great fight. Well, Fury and Geordie have history.

The YouTuber had previously received an earful from the then-champion Fury for questioning the credibility of his bout against training partner Dereck Chisora. And ever since then, Davis seemed to be very critical of the fighter, not wasting any opportunity to bash him.

He even got a live reaction in when Fury took on former UFC heavyweight champion, Francis Ngannou.

When the YouTuber went ballistic on Tyson Fury following the Ngannou fight

The epic crossover bout of Fury vs Ngannou was the highlight of 2023. An undefeated heavyweight boxing champion going up against the most inspirational and mythical UFC heavyweight of all time. It had all the telltale signs of a blockbuster in the making. And so it was.

Before the fight, while Fury exuded confidence, and said that he would make quick work of the MMA fighter in the boxing ring, Ngannou showed the champ what he was all about. But despite getting knocked down with a picture-perfect hook, Fury got away with a controversial decision win prompting fans to go livid online.

True Geordie following this bout was seen red as he went ballistic on Fury for his loudmouth. He essentially said that Fury was unable to walk his talk and instead got decked by the boxing debutant and looked awful. To be fair, he had a point here. Ngannou did make Fury look like a bit of a chump for someone with claims to be one of the greatest boxing heavyweight champions.

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Kishore R

Kishore R


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