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Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi To Be Probed Over False Registration Papers In Fraud Car Probe

Gautam Kapoor

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The player has failed to furnish the correct details for his Lamborghini Urus

Involved in a car crash in the August of 2020, things are set to turn sour for Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi in the case.

The incident occurred last year when Callum Hudson-Odoi ended up ramming his car into a vehicle driven by a junior doctor. As investigation has progressed in the entire matter, shocking facts have come to light, ones which don’t augur well for the young Chelsea player.

The doctor who was at the receiving end has made some sensational revelations in his latest statement recorded to the police. Callum is reportedly said to have tried to have coerced the doctor into lying that the accident occurred due to his mistake and record on statement that he had battered Callum’s car.

Callum Dishes Out False Papers

However, the doctor has gone onto divulge that upon failing to comply with Callum and his two accomplices, the Chelsea player belittled him and the condition of his ten year old car.

The incident which took place at Wandsworth, South West London last year has also grown murkier owing to the papers produced by Callum at the moment. The Chelsea player did not produce any documents for his Lamborghini at the time but is now being probed after the doctor revealed what exactly happened.

Callum had ended up shelling out registration papers for a Mercedes and Ferrari and not his 125,000 pound Lamborghini Urus. His brother, Bradley is said to have furnished the fraudulent documents.

the doctor, in his statement, said, “There was a big jolt when his car hit me. I recognised Callum the moment he jumped out of his car. He was wearing his full Chelsea kit and was angry. They started videoing me but I wouldn’t admit it was my fault. I waited for his brother to turn up. They mocked me for driving an old car. My insurance company received documentation for a Ferrari and then a Mercedes. I want the police to investigate the matter further.”

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