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Chennai corporate’s noble objective to lift Indian sport

Vakkalanka Venkataramana

There is new hope for budding sportspersons in the country.

A corporate house Arise Steel based in Chennai has committed itself to nurture and financially support talented sportspersons in Tamil Nadu, and guide them to become medal winners in Olympic Games..

Arise Group Managing Director Aadhav Arjuna announced this objective, perhaps at the most appropriate arena : a glittering function, which he sponsored, to honour some very promising sportspersons and teams with the awards that Tamil Nadu Sports Journalists Association (TNSJA) presents annually.

To achieve its objective Arise Group has has set up Arise Foundation to support the functioning of its sports academy to identify expert indigenous as well as foreign coaches in its noble ideal of creating the Olympic medal winners for the county with Tamil Nadu as the base.

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Aadhav observed  the burden of academics is weighing many promising athletics in Tamil Nadu down. “Excellence in any sports requires uninterrupted trainin for ten to 12 years.

Many of our athletes are struggling to balance sports and academics from school level. Sports should be made as an integral part of education system .”

Aadhav drove home his point , describing the state associations as humongous failures in fulfilling these tasks.

Group’s sports academy will provide all round support, including thee selection process of the talents from the age of ten years, and provide them the vital support needed at every stage thereafter.

Most importantly this will include providing financial support for their livelihood till they realise the goal of winning Olympic medal for the country.

Tail piece: Aadhav’s avowed objective of making Olympic talent is special , the reason being he himself was a national basketball player!

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