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Cloud9 LoL: C9’s 2021 LCS roster won’t feature Licorice

Ganesh Kamat

C9's 2021 LCS roster won't feature Licorice

Top Laner Licorice has announced that he wont be a part of Cloud9’s 2021 LCS Roster and is on the look out for another team.

After dominant run in the Spring Split, winning the LCS split title and also qualifying for MSI 2020.

Due to the corona pandemic the event was cancelled and their dominant run couldn’t be showcased at the world stage.

But their following Summer Split disaster struck, the team started off well but faltered at the end.

Licorice himself took to twitter to inform fans and followers that he wont be a part of the 2021 roster.

Who is Licorice?

The 23 year old Canadian joined Cloud9 at the end of 2017, he signed from the eUnited roster after a year long stint with them.

After joining C9 the team went onto to reach 3 LCS Finals and also victors at 1.

The team was also the first NA team since 2011 to reach the semi finals of Worlds back in 2018 and managing a top 4 finish.

C9’s 2020 season was a rollercoaster ride, winning the spring split.

They won 9 of the 10 playoff games to clinch the title.

C9 started the Summer Split off with a bang , winning their first 9 matches in a row.

But losses began in week 5 when they lost to 100T and inconsistency led them to finish second  in the season behind Team Liquid.

In the playoff stage the team struggled and failed to qualify for Worlds for the first time.

They lost consecutive matches to FlyQuest and TSM in the playoff to miss out on the chance to qualify for worlds.

The reported  replacement for Licorice will be Academy top laner Fudge.

He led the academy team to two consecutive Academy split titles.

With the oceanic import status changed, C9 do not have to make moves to have him in the roster.

Fudge’s contract was also extended  on October 13 which will keep him in the team through 2023.

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