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“NA Valorant is Dead”, Fans felt a cold sweat as no teams remain to represent North America in Valorant Champions after Cloud 9 exit.

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Valorant champions Cloud 9

Cloud 9, the last remaining representative of NA, has been eliminated yesterday at the hands of Team Liquid from Valorant Champions. Getting hyped about something false might have been the true cause of this.

Cloud 9, Sentinels and NV are the three representatives of NA, the most hyped region in the Valorant pro scene. Yet, the entire scene collapsed even before the group scene ended.

So what really is happening here? Are the pro players so oblivious of their skill-caps? OR, is their misinformation at play here?

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Whatever be the real reason, we delve into it here. Let us look at the causes of one of the greatest upsets in ESports history.

How good is North America really? Was Cloud 9 up to the mark in Valorant Champions?

Supporting a team keeps the players’ motivation up. But, hyping them up to sky-high expectations is wrong and extremely disrespectful.

There is a sense of discipline and selflessness required for team upkeep. NA always major focus on individual skills.

To be honest, Cloud 9 was nowhere even close to Team Liquid. At the moment, a major title in esports for the NA region seems like a Forbidden fruit of Paradise.

A self-evaluation of skill-cap and skillset is missing. C9, Sentinels and NV have been plagued by this. Experience on and off stage is also a necessity.

North American ESports still have a long way to go, for the next major title.

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Can NA Valorant pro-circuit hold a candle to current Kings – EMEA?

NA is ready for anything thrown at them. But, the team play and strategic mindset have to be inculcated.

To be honest, most teams do not have a team captain in North America. That makes it difficult to perform at the highest levels in Valorant pro leagues.

Valorant Champions Cloud 9 exit, is yet another example of the weakness. Hence, we await the glorious return of NA Esports to the forefront.

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