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Timothy “Autimatic” Ta set to make a Triumphant return to NA CSGO pro circuit again with Cloud9?

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autimatic Cloud9 csgo roster transfer imminent

Timothy “Autimatic” Ta is set to make a triumphant return to the Cloud9 CSGO squad. The decision comes after his Valorant woes in 2021.

Autimatic made a shift to Valorant from CSGO with a vision to top the leaderboards. He transferred to the T1 Valorant squad to live a dream.

But, the repetitive underwhelming performance and no IGL created the worst brew. Forget Titles, T1 valorant team could not even qualify for most events,

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Now, Timothy is yet again returning to CSGO. But, is this really the right moment when a new dynasty is emerging.

The North American Major Title dream.

Cloud 9 won the first and only major for NA in 2018. Since then, the NA Esports dream has been down spiralling towards despair ever since the only Major title.

The 2018 ELEAGUE Boston Major was a cinderella story. After years of Drought, NA finally had its coveted crown. But, the crown never returned, as the world had first predicted.

Not just CSGO, the same is happening across all Esports frontiers. As the C9 squad could not replicate any more of their magic, NA pros decided to gamble. A gamble, that we could not now wholeheartedly say, failed.

And now, the return is plentiful evidence of patience running thin. Maybe, thinnest in the last 10 years.

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The Gamble that was never to be. The Valorant Dream.

Time and tide indeed wait for none. Hence, the decision to play pro-Valorant had to be made fast. Seats are always limited.

When Autimatic left for T1 Valorant, he dreamt of owning the leaderboards. But, that day never came.

Stewie2k and Skadoodle had already moved on to better pastures. But, it was not to be. None among the trio have acquired any significant titles since their transfers.

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Autimatic is returning to the Cloud9 CSGO roster.

S1mple and NaVi entertained the whole world. So much so, that people who gambled on Valorant had to rethink. Rethink, really really hard.

Now, Timothy is on his way back definitely. Of course, Stewie2k will respond. Also, Nick “nitro” Canella has made his prodigal return to Team Liquid.

And honestly, teams cannot sustain high pay if one cannot earn enough throughout the year. It is very bad business.

A $5 million team paid in wages wins only $450000 in one year. That is over 95% lost in investment in the first year itself. Simple maths.

As it stands, CSGO will stand the test of time. Now, what remains to be seen is how much the Valorant scene will change in 2022.

More importantly, is the North American ESports dream potent enough for one undeniable victory march?

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