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Shane Warne, Who Used To Eat Lasagne Sandwiches On Christmas Day, Had Spaghetti And Baked Beans Delivered To Him In India

Rishikesh Sharma

Shane Warne, Who Used To Eat Lasagne Sandwiches On Christmas Day, Had Spaghetti And Baked Beans Delivered To Him In India

Late Australian spinner Shane Warne had lived a colourful life off the field. Much like most of the things involving him such as fights, affairs, etc, Warne’s eating habits were also widely discussed among fans. The fans used to be in awe of Warne’s diet to such an extent that some of them even left sandwiches and packs of cigarettes underneath his statue after his death in Melbourne.

The best story about his dietary regime has to be how CA (Cricket Australia) had delivered baked beans exclusively for him during Australia’s tour of India 1998. Having said that, if Warne is to be believed, the beans and spaghetti were not just sent for him but for the whole team by their cricket board.

Shane Warne Had Spaghetti And Baked Beans Delivered To Him In India

As quoted by India Today, Warne had once revealed the story behind getting food items delivered from Australia to India. Since the tours used to be quite long during the 1990s and Australia had stayed in India for around 12 weeks in 1998, Australian cricketers were missing their choice of food especially after having consumed spicy Indian food for a few weeks.

Ahead of the ODI series, then-Australian head coach Geoff Marsh once opened a tin of baked beans for breakfast. The whole team loved eating them after surviving on Indian food during the Test series. As a result, the players asked Marsh if it was possible to get spaghetti and baked beans imported all the way back from home.

Marsh then requested the board for the same which had received an instant approval. While the packages were delivered in a couple of days, the message on the box made it look like it was sent chiefly for the former Rajasthan Royals captain. However, if truth be told, a lot of visitors were in need of those food items.

“So we get to the docks where the baked beans and spaghetti have been delivered and there’s 3 tonnes of spaghetti and baked beans each. And on both sides of this big crate, it was mentioned ‘Shane Warne, India’. There were a lot of other players who wanted the spaghetti and beans but it was just addressed to me,” Warne had said.

During the same tour, Warne was invited for dinner at his home by Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar. In a hilarious anecdote, Tendulkar had once disclosled how Warne couldn’t handle the spicy Indian food. Instead, he was busy making sausages, beans and mashed potatoes in Tendulkar’s kitchen.

Shane Warne Used To Eat Lasagne Sandwiches On Christmas Day

After his untimely demise last year, a large number of fans had paid tributes to his statue outside the Melbourne Cricket Ground. With Warne having a soft corner for white-bread cheese sandwiches, fans had kept sandwiches, cigarettes, beans, etc. beneath his statue.

During his appearance on The Upshot Podcast, Warne had once talked about how he loved eating lasagne sandwiches on Christmas Day. In fact, he even took a toaster with him to avoid eating the local Indian cuisine. Warne never liked sitting and eating at restaurants because he felt like it was a “waste of time”.

“Eat, go, party. I’m all about atmosphere and vibe. I like hot chips, pasta, pizza, white-bread cheese sandwiches and apples,” Warne had said.

Warne died of a suspected heart attack in Thailand. It was later reported that he had finished a 14-day “juice cleanse diet” a day before the unfortunate incident had taken place. For the unversed, Warne was quite vocal on Instagram with respect to getting back in shape at the time.

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