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The Hundred Eliminator: The Hundred playoffs and knockout process explained in detail

Dixit Bhargav
|Mon Aug 08 2022

The Hundred Eliminator: The Hundred doesn’t follow the normal semi-finals and final pattern during its playoffs round.

The ongoing second season of The Hundred will witness its sixth match being played between London Spirit and Manchester Originals in Birmingham tonight.

In what will be the sixth day of this season, a double-header is yet to be played in The Hundred 2022. With London and Manchester to lock horns at the iconic Lord’s on Monday, it will become the sixth out of eight The Hundred 2022 venues.

The Hundred League Stage

The Hundred comprises of eight teams who play as many matches during the league phase. Unlike most other T20 leagues around the world, teams in The Hundred don’t play a match each according to home and away basis against other teams.

Instead, a team in The Hundred locks horns against the remaining seven teams once before playing the team closest to it geographically for the second time in the league stage.

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While tournaments such as Indian Premier League and Big Bash League are played for longer duration, The Hundred 2022 is a month-long affair with comparatively lesser number of matches.

The Hundred Eliminator

In the general run of things, Top Four teams from league stage of other T20 tournaments qualify for the playoffs. This playoff or knockout round in The Hundred is neither played according to the usual semi-final and final format nor played according to the IPL-style format where the Top Two ranked teams get two chances to qualify for the final.

It is worth mentioning that only three teams qualify for the playoff round in The Hundred. While the table-topper gets a direct entry into the final, the second and third-ranked teams play an Eliminator with each other to qualify for the final match.

The Hundred Final

The last match of The Hundred 2022 will be played between the table-topper and the winner of Eliminator on September 3.

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