Dave Batista: Guardians of the Galaxy star claims he “Starved for 3 years after quitting WWE”

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|Published 03/06/2019

Dave Batista: Guardians of the Galaxy star claims he “Starved for 3 years after quitting WWE.” Says he was determined to prove he could make it as an actor.

Very few wrestlers have managed to successfully make the jump to Hollywood. The Rock and John Cena are two names that come to mind immediately. However, Dave Batista, nicknamed ‘The Animal’, has silently made a name for himself in the acting arena with his role as Drax the Destroyer in the successful marvel movie franchise “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

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Batista is in a happy place now with a successful movie franchise in his kitty and his long-desired mania match against Triple H. However, things were not as rosy for the wrestler turned actor when he quit the WWE in 2010. The Animal claims that he starved for 3 years before he could finally bag a major role in Hollywood.

Dave Batista in an on-stage question-and-answer session at Denver Pop Culture Con claimed:

“I starved for three years. I went broke. I lost everything. I couldn’t get a job and I said that I will never go back to wrestling until I prove what I set out to prove, and that was that I can make it as an actor.”

“I was with WWE at the time and I went and did a film. I had zero interest in acting, all I wanted to do was wrestle. I loved wrestling, I was obsessed with wrestling, and I went and did a film as a favour for a friend and I realised I was horrible. I was a horrendous actor. I was so mortified that I wanted to prove I could be better, and WWE wouldn’t let me do anything outside of the company.

“Then I got the role on Guardians. When I got the role, I finished the film and the first call I made after I wrapped was to Vince McMahon. I said, ‘Hey man, I’d really like to come back and wrestle for a little bit.'”

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