David Ferrer and Boris Becker win the internet with this beautiful Twitter conversation

Utkarsh Bhatla
|Published August 19, 2017

David Ferrer recently won his 714th match on tour(during the Cincinnati Open) to surpass Boris Becker, as the 12th highest on the all time list.

Boris Becker was quick to congratulate David Ferrer on the incredible feat, and what followed was a beautiful conversation between these two legends, with praise showering from all sides.

Boris started it all by tweeting a congratulatory message to Ferrer which read “Congrats to DavidFerrer87 for winning his 714th match and surpassing me for 12th spot on the all time list ! Well done My friend !!!”

David Ferrer was quick to respond, saying that event though he had more wins, he could never match the stature of Becker as a tennis player.

While it seemed like the conversation was brought to a fitting close, Becker chipped in with another bout of praise for Ferrer, complimenting his work ethic, movement and attitude, and how if Becker would have had that, he could have won many more Grand Slams.

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The bromance between the duo was heartening to see.

David Ferrer is currently plying his trade in Cincinnati, where he overcame a stiff challenge from Domnic Thiem to march into the semi finals. He will now take on Nick Kyrgios in the semi finals, who blasted through Rafael Nadal in a high-octane quarter-final last night.

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