Diluc Genshin Impact : Everybody wants Diluc: Stats, History and a detailed guide.

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|Published 16/10/2020

Diluc Genshin Impact : Genshin Impact players are always on the look out for best charachters to add to their party. Diluc is the name on everyone’s lips.

The five star Pyro user Diluc is gaining admiration from all corners lately. With his Batman like persona and powerful attack he is arguably the best character in the game. Diluc is available on a trial basis in the early game quests for players.

Diluc’s Story –

Diluc is the most wealthiest man in all of Mondstadt. Mondstadt is known for its wine industry and at the centre of it all is Mr. Diluc. Diluc Ragnvindr is the owner of Dawn Winery. He is always looking for threats to the city and despises the Knights of  Favonius.

He also has an alter ego called the “The Darknight Hero” with which he watches over the city and attacks hordes of Abyss Mages and Hillichurls. Appearance wise, Diluc much like  red hair and eyes and wears a black coat and pants.

Some Stats and why he is the strongest –

Diluc is widely considered to be the best DPS currently in Genshin Impact. He is a Pyro element character and wields a claymore. Adding another pyro character in your team gives a buff of +25% ATK DMG through the Pyro Elemental Resonance. The Wolf’s Gravestone and Prototype Aminus are the best swords that can be used in a build.

He can take down foes with shields and shells easily. Also he can knock down foes with his base attacks. The wide-ranged Elemental Burst is effective for Time Trials. At level 20 these are his stats –


How to obtain Diluc –

In the initial story quests he is a free playable character that is loaned to the player on a trial period. Apart from this the gacha mechanics come into play. There is no sure shot way of getting Diluc. The only way players can get is to make wishes using Acquaint Fates or Intertwined Fates.

Using a Ballad of Goblets banner gives you an additional 0.6% chance but that’s that. This is what makes him one of the rarest characters to find.

With rumors coming that in future updates we will get more stronger characters and nerfs, maybe he wont be the number 1 for a long time. At the moment though, everyone wants Diluc.

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