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DOTA 2 UPDATES: Valve tackles account boosting and enhances smurf detection to identify cheaters

Gautham Balaji

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DOTA 2 UPDATES: Valve tackles account boosting and enhances smurf detection to identify cheaters. Check out how Valve is tackling the growing problem of Smurfs in Dota 2

It is obvious that Dota 2 is slowly losing audience. But the developers introduced a series of changes in the Fall Update which released yesterday. Valve will now ensure that hero updates will happen throughout the year, instead of cramming it in the Fall season.

As of now, Valve is planning to introduce a new hero in November & another one by end of March 2021.

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Needless  to say, there has been a massive responding on Reddit by many players. But the main thing all players love is how Valve has tightened on Smurf detection. Valve is using improved detection to identify smurf accounts during match making and separate them.

Now, Smurfs will be matched mostly against other Smurfs so that they do not ruin games for genuine Dota rookie players.

Booster accounts are also being dealt with seriously and Valve is ramping up the number of bans it dolls out. Recently, it has banned over 14,000 accounts in the last 30 days. Soon, memes also started making the rounds on Twitter & Reddit

Players have been responding positively to this move. There has been a good response on Reddit & other platforms especially in regards to identifying Smurfs & banning them. This move will surely reduce the in-game toxicity for new players

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