“Emo is the next big chinese superstar”, Ex EG Mid Sumail hailed IG emo as one of the best future dota 2 player in 2018

Gautham Balaji
|Published April 04, 2021

“Emo is the next big Chinese superstar,” Ex EG Mid Sumail hailed IG emo as one of the best future dota 2 players in 2018. Zhou “Emo” Yi has won the Singapore Major with Invictus Gaming. It seems that Sumail’s prediction back in 2018 has come true. Read more about it. 

Zhou “Emo” Yi recently turned 20 years old, but his antics in Dota 2 are remarkable. The Chinese wunderkid helped IG snatch victory from the brink of defeat in the Singapore Major Grand Finals. He managed to accomplish this feat against Evil Geniuses, one of the most prolific and powerful Dota 2 teams.

However, former EG player and Dota 2 legend Sumail recognized Emo’s talents over 3 years ago. Back in 2018, Sumail took to Twitter to show his love for the Chinese Dota 2 professional.

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This post garnered quite a bit of attention back in 2018, but now everyone is dazzled by Sumail’s foresight. Retweets and replies have been blowing up on this thread.

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This started after IG took Game 5 against EG in the Grand Finals of the ONE Esports Singapore Major. IG were 2-0 down in the B05 Grand Finals. They won the next 3 games to give EG a shockingly unexpected comeback.

Who is Zhou “Emo” Yi?

Zhou “Emo” Yi, also known HAlf in the Dota 2 community is a 20-year-old Chinese professional who plays for Invictus Gaming. Previously, he was a stand-in player for iG Vitality. He is usually seen in mid-lane heroes or otherwise prefers to play carry heroes in the safe-lane.

Here is a very curious and interesting Reddit thread that will give you more insight into Emo and his style of playing Dota 2.

If Sumail had noticed Emo’s potential way back in 2018, it should come as no surprise that the Chinese youngster is making heads turn!

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