Eris Loris Among Us : “Another hack wave?”, Players ask questions as Eris Loris hack is reportedly back

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|Published January 30, 2021

Eris Loris is an  Among Us hack was responsible for terrorizing quite a few players back in October. Many are reporting that the hack is now back. 

Initially no one new what the purpose of the hack was about but as the story unfolded many details came out. Players would spam the in game chat in Among Us asking others to visit certain websites. Many of these included the game getting hacked and players only seeing the black screen at the end of the game.

There were reports of racist as well as political messages being circulated by the hackers with the bots urging people to vote for Trump. Innersloth quickly took note of the issue and fixed it, however it looks like the hack is back.

Who is Eris Loris ? –

Spam messages soon started appearing in Among Us lobbies back in October 2020. Its still not known whether or not they were bots or real people. The issue affected mainly the North American server of the game. The bots spammed in the chat and asked users to visit different websites that advertise hacks of various games. A discord server was also being linked in the messages.

The messages also included threats which if not followed would affect players devices or the game itself. The only known social media of “Eris Loris” is a YouTube channel which soon gained many subscribers. Although it doesn’t look like there is any Among Us content on the channel.

Is the Among Us hack back again –

Last time out Innersloth was quick to respond and the hack was fixed. It was smooth sailing since then and no user as such reported an issue after the fix. This was until yesterday and today when many new reports of the hacker started coming in.

The hack really cripples gameplay and is very annoying for the players because of the highly negative experience. Many players took to social media to air their grievances. Many taking to twitter to reply to their favorite creators and letting them know of the issue. As of now Innersloth has not responded to the claims.

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