Euro 2016

Euro 2016 Fantasy Guide: Fantasy tips for Matchday 1

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  1. Rishabh says:

    Hey Utkarsh awesome article!! But ur team is not visible clearly itz quite blury!! Pls if u can could u make it a little more visible. Thanks

    1. Utkarsh Bhatla says:

      Oh okay. I’ll change the image

  2. Ranjit says:

    Pretty decent team but seems like you have missed a host of players who are better value and opted for big names over potential. Perisic has awesome form for Croatia compared to Modric. Hamsik does everything for Slovakia and playing versus Wales who are an average team. Juanfran is a cheaper Spanish option. The budget is very important so opting for value plays in big teams is vital to free up cash for the big guns, eg Ronaldo for Kane over Vardy.

    Ozil was awesome the first half of the season for Arsenal but dire the second half. I agree he could do well but its wrong to say he was awesome throughout the PL season.

    Lots of average teams playing each other, so subs are key will and clean sheets can be random. Portugal are playing very weak teams and Austria have Albania first game. Again better value I feel for going with Sommer & Pul Patricio. Putting all your eggs in one basket can be dangerous.

    I also doubt Stones will play so a waste to get him, get in a Howedes for cheap to cover your Germany base.

    Anyway good luck as it too late to change anything now!

    1. Utkarsh Bhatla says:

      Thanks for the comment Ranjit.
      I agree with most of the things that you have said but in a big tournament, I always like to focus more on players whom I can bank on. Yes. form is a good guide, but big in a big tournament, big match effectiveness is a parameter that I value more. And that is where Modric and Ramos get the nod. No doubt Juanfran is a great buy but Ramos gives me that added goal scoring opportunity when going forward. Anyway, let’s see what this beautiful tournament has to offer

      1. Rishabh says:

        Well said sir

  3. Fan says:

    Hey Utkarsh…No article today for changing captain?

    1. Utkarsh Bhatla says:

      Was travelling today so couldn’t post it. Sorry for that. The posts will be up regularly from tomorrow!