Euro 2016

Euro Fantasy Scout: Fantasy tips for Gameday 13, 22nd June 2016

Euro 2016 Fantasy Scout team for gameday 13
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  1. Fan says:

    Hey Utkarsh…Truly said i can’t imagine Ramos missing juicy penalty….He would have provided much more points. One question if we substitute Ramos will that increase Over all point for us since he has given us -1.

    1. Utkarsh Bhatla says:

      Yes, yes it should!

  2. Dev says:

    Utkarsh brother ur loosin the plot. I dnt understand y r u takin defensive mids like witsel modric etc. Also u take the most expensive defenders like Ramos and vertongen or pepe eventhough the cheaper defenders will get the same pnts like them. Finally u did not take bale or CR7 in ur team throughout the grp stages. I am not demening u or ur talent in anyway but just tryin to giv u sum advice as a well wisher. As i feel u r the vry best when it comes to fantasies and this is nowhere near ur best.

    1. Utkarsh Bhatla says:

      Modric scored in gameweek one. But, yes I do get your point. Also, Ramos could have been a great pick if he had scored that penalty. And Vertonghen has given a clean sheet in two games and is cheaper than Alderweireld. The first two matchdays were great but the last one hasn’t been that good. Hopefully, I come up with a great team for Matchday 4. Keep reading and don’t loose faith 🙂

      1. Dev says:

        Haha yes thts the spirit!!! Dnt wrry v hav complete trust on u to bounce back 🙂