$140 million driver shares his reaction to being replaced by Fernando Alonso

Vachan Nandakumar Giriyapur
|Published August 27, 2022

Sebastian Vettel has shared his reaction to being replaced by his former championship rival, Fernando Alonso.

Sebastian Vettel, the four-time World Champion, announced his retirement from F1 before the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend. Post the Hungarian Grand Prix, it was announced that Vettel’s former championship rival, Fernando Alonso would replace him.

Alonso’s move was a surprise to the whole F1 community with him being expected to stay at Alpine for a couple of more seasons. Along with the fact that Aston Martin fell to the back end of the grid after the new 2022 regulations.

Vettel revealed that he was partly surprised by the Spaniard’s switch to Aston Martin. When questioned by the media on whether he was surprised by Alonso’s move, he replied “Yes and No”.

The duo of Vettel and Alonso shared two brilliant championship battles in the past in 2010 and 2012. The German and the Spaniard were driving for both Red Bull and Ferrari respectively with Vettel coming out on top on both occasions. Now the duo find themselves in the F1 midfield battle.

Ironically, Vettel had replaced Alonso at Ferrari back in 2015. Now, the reverse has happened with the Spaniard replacing the four-time world champion.

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Sebastian Vettel was informed of his replacement before most people

When asked about his reaction to Fernando Alonso replacing him, Vettel also revealed he knew before most people. Speaking to the media prior to the Belgian Grand Prix, he said: “I was told on the Saturday or Sunday of Hungary”.

Vettel also revealed that he did not follow much of the silly season after hearing about Alonso’s move. Vettel was filled in by a couple of calls from friends. The German did not feel it was a good strategy to follow the rest of the silly season that was set off by his retirement.

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