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Bringing Red Bull Mammoth Deal, Max Verstappen’s Obsession Is Really His Biggest Superpower

Naman Gopal Srivastava

Bringing Red Bull Mammoth Deal, Max Verstappen's Obsession Is Really His Biggest Superpower

Aside from being a three-time World Champion, Max Verstappen has several accolades that add to his fame. Being a sim racer perhaps stands on top of that list, with the Dutchman taking part in some of the most prestigious competitions in the world. EA Sports took note of the same and has recently become the latest brand to partner up with the Red Bull driver. It’s logo will now regularly feature on Verstappen’s helmet throughout the rest of the 2024 season.

Verstappen’s love for sim racing is hardly a secret in the F1 world. He spends most of his off days in the world of online racing, often raging against other drivers. Verstappen hops onto his simulator, even on race weekends if time permits. Per the 26-year-old, it helps keep his mind fresh and not let nerves get the better of him when he suits up for an actual F1 race.


There have also been questions about sim racing aiding Verstappen in becoming a better driver. After all, simulators have become a crucial part of the sport, and Verstappen is technically fulfilling overtime duties on the sim. He puts in shifts on the simulator with Red Bull and at home, picks up while racing online with his friends.

Former world champion Jacques Villeneuve recently sat down with Sports Illustrated to discuss the same. Having driven in simulators himself, Villeneuve detailed the benefit Verstappen drew from Sim racing.

“It helps the focus because when you’re in a real car, it’s easy to be focused. It’s happening physically. You don’t have a choice. When you’re in front of a computer, it’s so easy to just wander somewhere else and think about something else. So on that aspect, yes.”

The 53-year-old added that real-life and sim racing are very different. Villeneuve claimed that one could pick up some bad habits, too, via sim racing, and the two domains aren’t a hundred percent same.

Max Verstappen is the new face of EA Sports F1

EA (Electronic Arts) is a giant in the gaming industry when it comes to the sports genre. From Soccer to F1, the company makes games enjoyed by millions across the globe. Red Bull Racing has also created a name for itself among young fans with its various online and offline competitions. Hence, the two brands have joined hands to promote upcoming titles such as F1 24, with Max Verstappen being a key part of the deal.

Christian Horner expressed his delight in becoming partners with EA (as per Red Bull’s official website).

“We’re thrilled to be part of that story, and together with EA and with Max [Verstappen], we look forward to taking F1 gaming to the next level with F1 24.”

EA Sports also revealed a major reason behind them choosing Verstappen as the face of the game. In 2023, there were 7.5 million online sessions in the game with Verstappen. This just shows how popular the 26-year-old was among players in game.

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