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Carlos Sainz’s Instagram Clue: F1 Fans Ecstatic Over Hints of a Bright Future

Pranay Bhagi

Carlos Sainz’s Instagram Clue: F1 Fans Ecstatic Over Hints of a Bright Future

At the recently concluded Spanish GP weekend, Carlos Sainz insisted that an announcement on his F1 future was imminent. Although he hadn’t decided on the team, reports were pointing towards a deal already being finalized. Now, Sainz’s recent Instagram story has given a clue regarding his contractual situation.

After his home race, the Spaniard posted a story with the caption, “See you again in 2025.” Having already explained that his next team will be revealed shortly, the caption acted as a cryptic message, suggesting that a deal was signed. Only then would Sainz have the surety to post that he will be in Spain next year.

Williams, Audi, and Alpine remain at the forefront of signing Sainz as of now. Alpine, however, is a very recent addition to the list. Esteban Ocon’s departure and Flavio Briatore’s arrival as Executive Advisor seemingly contributed to the links. Already confused between Audi and Williams, Sainz will now also have to consider making a return to the Enstone-based outfit.

Going from Ferrari to a backmarker like Williams or Sauber isn’t what Sainz would’ve hoped for. He is one of the most sought-after drivers on the grid and was expected to be picked up by a big team. But Mercedes’ interest in Kimi Antonelli and Red Bull retaining Sergio Perez buried those options.

According to reports, Sainz’s Williams move was going to be announced at the Spanish GP that didn’t happen. Still, his latest Instagram story has given fans hope for the 29-year-old’s bright future.

“Carlos is not jobless”: Fans get ecstatic over Sainz’s cryptic story

Williams Team Principal James Vowles clearly stated that Sainz is his number-one choice for 2025. His comments confirm that if Sainz doesn’t find a seat for 2025 elsewhere, he could always turn to Williams. But this F1, so if Sainz takes a lot of time in deciding his future, Williams could decide to move on.

However, Sainz’s story came as a relief for his fans, who now believe that he has a job for 2025.

While Sainz’s story hinted at having already signed a contract, many now wanted to know which team it actually was.

Some explained that it’s just Sainz getting the fan’s hopes high for no reason. They suggested that the Spaniard intentionally put the story to create some silly drama.

Then there were the pessimistic ones. Although Sainz confirmed he will be back at Spanish GP in 2025, he claimed that it could also be as a fan.

Usually, Sainz’s countryman Fernando Alonso plays mind games and tricks on track. The Ferrari driver seems to have learned from the best and applied it on social media. 

Post Edited By:Somin Bhattacharjee

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