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Charles Leclerc Claims Lewis Hamilton Is Yet to Feel the High of Being a Ferrari Driver Despite Being the Most Decorated Figure

Nischay Rathore

Charles Leclerc Claims Lewis Hamilton Is Yet to Feel the High of Being a Ferrari Driver Despite Being the Most Decorated Figure

With seven world championships, 103 race wins and 197 podiums to his name, Lewis Hamilton is the most successful F1 driver of all time. This success has earned him the recognition in the world that most can only dream of. However, Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc believes the Briton is yet to taste fandom at the very top. That, according to him, will happen once Hamilton joins Ferrari in 2025.

Formula Passion quoted Leclerc as saying, “Lewis has always had a special welcome wherever he has gone, especially due to the list of honors he has built up over the years. However, nothing compares to being a Ferrari driver. He will feel and understand what he means little by little even more next year when he (Hamilton) arrives in Maranello.”

Lewis Hamilton is not just the most popular driver on the current F1 grid but also among the most popular sporting personalities. His Instagram fan count stands at over 37 million currently.

In comparison, the current Ferrari drivers, Charles Leclerc, and Carlos Sainz, have a current Instagram following of 15.2 million and 9.8 million respectively. Max Verstappen, on the other hand, has 12.1 million followers despite being the champion for the last three years.

The Ferrari influence will undoubtedly propel Hamilton to newer heights, though. Not only is the Maranello side the oldest in the championship, but they also hold the sway of a national team in Italy. If Hamilton emerges as the driver to take them to a championship win, he will immortalize himself in the eyes of the Tifosi.

The earliest chance of that happening is in 2025 when the Briton will leave Mercedes. Ferrari looks to be on the offensive currently by taking the fight to the mighty Red Bull. If they continue to progress throughout the season, Hamilton might have a fair chance at the championship in 2025.

How Ferrari lured Lewis Hamilton away from Mercedes

Lewis Hamilton will complete 11 years of driving for Mercedes in 2024. The alliance has produced one of the greatest dominance F1 has ever witnessed. While Hamilton bagged six of his seven world titles, Mercedes won all eight championships of the turbo hybrid engine era.

Naturally, the news of him parting ways with the team came as a shock to many. However, the reason behind the move did not. The Silver Arrows have struggled to find their feet in the incumbent ground effect era while Red Bull continues to rule. Ferrari, meanwhile, is emerging as the challenger to the Austrian team’s throne.

Apart from the prospect of winning a record-breaking eighth championship, there were other factors that led to Lewis Hamilton exiting Mercedes. In 2023, the Brackley team offered him just a one-year extension against his demands for a contract of longer duration.

Moreover, they refused to offer him an ambassadorial role, which many see as disrespectful. Meanwhile, Ferrari offered Hamilton what Mercedes did not, on top of a $100 million salary. Moreover, they will establish a trust fund of $250 million for his non-profit initiatives.

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