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Charles Leclerc Reveals What Profession He Would Have Taken if He Had Failed to Make in F1

Tanish Chachra

Charles Leclerc Reveals What Profession He Would Have Taken if He Had Failed to Make in F1

Charles Leclerc is among the household names on the current F1 grid. However, making it into the top 20 drivers is a mountainous task. Speaking on it, the Monegasque driver reveals he would have become an architect if the motorsport route wasn’t successful.

“Probably an architect,” when Jay Shetty asked Leclerc what if he had not been an F1 driver. “I love design in general, I wouldn’t have been a good enough artist. But definitely an architect, I love architecture, it’s another passion of mine.”

Leclerc came from a humble background even though he was born in Monaco. He managed to continue with his motorsport aspirations when Nicolas Todt took him under his wing upon Jules Bianchi’s recommendation.

Fortunately, Leclerc’s performances from karting to every Formula series had been outstanding, which gave him a quick rise. Therefore, his probable backup plan in architecture became redundant.

In the interview, Leclerc further reveals that he left school early to focus on his racing career. And surely all the gamble for the same worked, with him becoming a Ferrari F1 driver. Although, the Monegasque still had a close connection to architecture in his personal life.

Charles Leclerc’s ex-girlfriend is an architect

From 2019 to 2022, Charles Leclerc dated Charlotte Sine, who was also from Monaco. In the beginning days of their relationship, Sine was an architecture student. Her LinkedIn profile claims that she has continued with the profession.

So, probably it was a mutual interest between the two back then. Meanwhile, there is no clear reason why the couple got separated but Sine still seems to be a Ferrari supporter.

Last Sunday, when Leclerc registered his win in Monaco, Sine was there to witness it, and subtly even celebrated the Ferrari win. Nevertheless, the win was indeed special for Leclerc who had a tough spell in Monaco in all these years with Ferrari.

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To celebrate his win, Leclerc dived into the sea and also pushed his team principal Fred Vasseur. The win surely would have boosted Ferrari’s confidence as they aim to challenge Red Bull’s ongoing reign.

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