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Charles Leclerc Teases Welcoming New Member Into His Family

Somin Bhattacharjee

Charles Leclerc Teases Welcoming New Member Into His Family

Charles Leclerc, one of F1’s most popular drivers, created a buzz on social media when he hinted at adding a new member to his family. The Monegasque driver’s picture of holding a small puppy became viral on social media. As he liked it on X too, many feel this is a confirmation of Leclerc getting a new puppy.

The name of this small puppy seems to be ‘Leo Leclerc’ and he is all over social media. Charles himself has a huge fan following online, and these latest pictures and videos have made his fans curious about the puppy.

Leclerc resides in Monaco, his hometown, with Alexandra Saint Mleux, his girlfriend. Judging by the pictures and videos circulated all over, Alexandra and Leclerc got this pet together.

There was a video of Leclerc kissing Leo, which caught many fans’ attention. On track, the #16 driver has had a slightly difficult start to his season, but these off-track moments may have warmed the hearts of his passionate fanbase.

If Leo is indeed a part of the Leclerc family, the pup may accompany the 26-year-old to races. Additionally, with Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari in 2025, Leclerc’s newest friend would surely not be alone in the paddock.

Roscoe Hamilton and Leo Leclerc link up?

In 2025, Hamilton will replace Carlos Sainz at Ferrari. Over the years, the Mercedes driver has often brought his cute bulldog Roscoe to races. Roscoe follows Hamilton around the paddock, and interacts with several members of the F1 paddock. But what he lacked was a companion more suited to his interests.

If Leo joins the Ferrari and Leclerc camp from 2025 onwards, the two of them could potentially hang out; while they wait for Lewis and Charles to be done with their F1 duties. For fans, it is a very exciting prospect, but there is also a chance Leo stays back at home, where other members of Leclerc’s family could take care of him.

Similarly, Hamilton has stopped bringing Roscoe to every single race. Earlier, his personal trainer and friend, Angela Cullen used to help him take care of Roscoe. But with Cullen departing in 2023, the onus lies on people back home.

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