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Christian Horner Unable to Fathom ”Write Off” Treatment to Sergio Perez by F1 Media

Tanish Chachra

Christian Horner Unable to Fathom ”Write Off” Treatment to Sergio Perez by F1 Media

Sergio Perez in 2024 has hardly given a reason for anyone to complain. Except for the Australian Grand Prix, the Mexican race driver has always been on the podium, and even for Sunday’s Chinese Grand Prix, he will start from the first row. Despite his strong performances so far this season, there have been rumors of him getting axed for 2025. And due to the same, Christian Horner is unable to understand why Perez is constantly written off.

“You guys have a tendency to write him off, but he’s doing a great job and I think that he’s coming this season with a new frame of mind and he’s relaxed, he’s driving the car really well and he’s not focusing on his teammate,” said Horner to Sky Sports, as per GPBlog.

In 2023, it was rumored that Red Bull may axe Perez, owing to his poor form. That school of thought has even continued in 2024, even though Perez’s performances are satisfactory so far. With Carlos Sainz available, the rumors of the Spaniard replacing Perez have also popped.

Moreover, there has been no update on Perez’s contract extension, as the current deal will run out at the end of this year. Thus, there is more than one reason for the F1 media to contemplate who will partner with Max Verstappen in 2025.

But with Perez hardly keeping a foot wrong, Red Bull would have no reason to sack him. Horner also explained how Perez’s decent performances so far have boosted his confidence. On the other hand, Red Bull surely doesn’t have any incentive to sign Sainz.

How Sergio Perez is perfect for Max Verstappen?

Over the last three seasons, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez have formed a great camaraderie. Although there have been minor tensions in between, nothing surprising in the F1 realm. Till 2023, Perez used to think he could vie for the championship against Max Verstappen in the Red Bull cars that are very much oriented to the Dutchman.

But after repeatedly losing to Verstappen, as per Helmut Marko, Perez has accepted his deputy role at Red Bull. Therefore, the Mexican race driver has started performing well. Thus, such team stability can’t be achieved with two equally ambitious drivers.

With Sainz, there is likely to be a series of tensions that could compromise Red Bull’s ‘perfect results’, as the Spaniard would enter to vie for the championship. It’s reported that Sainz has been offered a three-year deal from Audi.

But regardless of Red Bull’s suitability, Sainz is currently the most sought driver on the grid. And it would be interesting to see where he would head after his last dance with Ferrari this year.

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