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Daniel Ricciardo Makes Formula 1 His Second Favorite Sport After Disappointing Miami GP

Aishwary Gaonkar

Daniel Ricciardo Makes Formula 1 His Second Favorite Sport After Disappointing Miami GP

Daniel Ricciardo’s Miami GP weekend started on a good note with a P4 result in the sprint race. However, the Aussie probably got carried away with the celebrations on that. He fell down the order in the Grand Prix qualifying, registering only P18, and could not recover much in the race. However, Ricciardo was enjoying another sport in the paddock, making F1 his second favorite.

In a video on his personal YouTube channel, Ricciardo included some footage of him playing American Football in the Hard Rock Stadium. He stated, “We are here for the F1 weekend, clearly my second-favorite sport”.

Then, the V-CARB driver pointed towards a flying ball and said before going to catch it, “This is my favorite sport”. Ricciardo along with many other drivers played a lot of American football with some professional NFL players in Miami.

Given how the Hard Rock Stadium is the home of the NFL club Miami Dolphins, it has become an annual trend during the Miami GP weekend. The 34-year-old impressed many with his skills in American football and also got praise from one of the players present there.

The player stated how Ricciardo has got good skills. However, he also sledged the Aussie by saying that he could easily take him down in a game situation.

Daniel Ricciardo’s obsession with the NFL

Ever since Daniel Ricciardo watched his first Superbowl game, he has become a huge fan of the sport. The eight-time Grand Prix winner has become an avid supporter of the Buffalo Bills. The Bills’ quarterback, Josh Allen, has also become one of Ricciardo’s best friends.

The duo have become a fan-favorite pair with many adoring their friendship. Earlier this year, Allen made an impromptu meet plan as Ricciardo was in Las Vegas for the launch of the V-CARB car for the 2024 season. The Bills’ quarterback planned to hang out with the Aussie after his F1 launch duties were done.

Allen did not attend the 2024 Miami GP though. However, with many races remaining in the Americas, he may attend one later this year. As for Ricciardo’s performance, he would have left Miami happier if not for an under-par Grand Prix performance.

Ricciardo is currently under immense pressure and needs to perform well against his teammate, Yuki Tsunoda. If the 34-year-old can’t do so with consistency, he could face a lot of difficulties in retaining his V-CARB seat.

Post Edited By:Vidit Dhawan

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