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David Croft Reveals Shocking Moment Where His Friend Left a World Cup Final Midway

Somin Bhattacharjee

David Croft Reveals Shocking Moment Where His Friend Left a World Cup Final Midway

David Croft is one of the most well-known names in Formula 1 today. The Briton has been a lead commentator in Sky Sports since the 2012 F1 season and has gone on to become one of the sport’s most recognizable voices. Crofty, as he is affectionally called by his fans, has called some of the most iconic moments in recent F1 history from his commentary booth.

Other than watching, calling, and loving F1, Croft is also a huge fan of other sports. He was a commentator during the FIFA World Cup back in 2002 and for the Athens Olympic Games in 2004. Croft is also a huge fan of the English Premier League club West Ham United.

Another sport that Croft follows is cricket, which is one of the most popular sports in England. When they won the Cricket World Cup in 2019, the entire nation including Croft was ecstatic, as it was their first-ever 50-over world cup win. However, in a recent tweet, the 52-year-old revealed a shocking & bizarre incident he witnessed during the final of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

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David Croft reveals a story about his friend missing the world cup

The final of the 2019 Cricket World Cup was a match between England and New Zealand. A final in a major tournament is always a big deal and is followed by millions across the globe. However, that particular match was incredibly exciting because of the nail-biting finish.

England tied the game and took it into super-over, but the two teams could not be separated even after another overs’ play. In the end, it was England who took home the world cup by virtue of more boundaries being scored. The second innings of this particular cricket match was one of the most iconic in the sport’s history.

Croft was jubilant while watching the game from home, but the same c0uldn’t be said about his friend. The Sky Sports commentator has a friend named Geoff, who had to take his wife to watch Robbie Williams.

As a result, Geoff missed the entirety of the second half, including the nail biting finish which brought the cricket world cup trophy to England. This is something Croft found very funny, as he shared it on Twitter!

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Crofty once took a brutal dig at Tottenham Hotspur FC

Crofty is a huge fan of sports other than F1 & is a diehard fan of West Ham United, based out of London. Ahead of the Mexican GP in 2021, he could not stop himself from making a joke related to West Ham’s rival team Tottenham.

Tottenham have not won a trophy since 2008 and there have been plenty of jokes surrounding it. Croft continued the trend by comparing the dust on track in Mexico to the dust from Tottenham’s trophy cabinet!

It was a moment that Crofty simply couldn’t let go!

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